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Your grammar and the words you use should be acceptable and comprehensible to native speakers. After all, you will prepare most of your speeches on your own time; you should take a time to find suitable grammatical structures to express your ideas as well as the appropriate vocabulary to talk about your topic.

Most of you will write out your speech word for word, at least at first. This is writing a composition. In fact, you are encouraged to use topics in speech class that you have used in other courses. We will not spend time on grammar in this book. When you prepare your speeches, you can check your structures with your composition or grammar books. If you’re not sure or need help-ASK YOUR TEACHER!

There is one area of grammar that we will look at occasionally-transitions. For some of the speeches you will give, such as process and comparison/contrast, there are some special transition words that you will find useful. Doubtless you have already used them in your composition classes.

Don’t ignore transition words: the listener needs them to help her understand the direction of your speech. Remember, a reader can always go back and read the paragraph or composition again, but the listener can’t usually ask you to repeat. We should be able to follow your ideas the first time without checking a tape recorder.

Transitions are like road signs: they mark direction in which you are going. Or maybe you’d like to think of them like the flashing flags on a video game. For example, when you’re explaning a process and you start the second step with “second” or “next”, that flashing flag goes off in the listener’s head NEW PART. Or if you say on the other hand” the flag goes CONTRAST(this part won’t agree with what I’ve just heard). So please make our job as listeners a little easier by putting out your flags-by using transitions.





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