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急.....幫我翻成英文 語意要順暢 佈要用翻譯軟體






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  • 1 decade ago
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    "Energy-saving carbon reduction"

    "Energy-saving carbon reduction" is a new government since he took office the topic of fever, in addition to environmental protection, but also can save lots of money "saved" the people and preventive measures, so many people have opted for public transport as well as a bike In the face of high oil prices to transport the times.

    Combination of personal and public transportation combined with the transport of the times, increasingly popular in Taiwan up! The face of high oil prices, have become among the most bicycle rammed a traffic delivery, hand over a completed project from the Taipei City Department data show that the Taipei bike commuters more than 3%, and Fang Zhong more businesses found that the use of bicycles as a commuter connection From the home, school or different location, arrived at the station behavior has been an upward trend, with access to rapid transit store, Mucha, the largest fresh water along the route, so that the housing market to enlarge longer Living.

    Taipei's mass rapid transit system not only has open access to bicycles, the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit also announced that it would start on September 20, the pilot rapid transit on a bicycle in general, individuals can be seen with a combination of public transportation, is expected to be more and more common in the future.

    Special assistant to the chairman of CITIC Housing Hupei Lan said that in the Taipei area has 10 bike lanes, open to the public, Taiwan's bicycle trend is still in start-up phase, and the approach of China's Japan, is more effective use of the sidewalk Space for bicycle traffic, housewives, students, office workers and the use of this tool is the biggest beneficiary.


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