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My Alaskan Malamute's Tail won't curl?

I have a beautiful, black and white, 1 year old Alaskan Malamute / 12% wolf, and her tail hasn't curled up like a plume yet. when is it supposed to curl up? Will it not curl because she has a tiny bit of wolf in her? Or does she have something wrong with her tail.

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    It may not curl up ove the back since the dog is not a purebred dog.

    Also not all purebred dogs fit their breed standard either.. it doesnt mean there's anything physically wrong with the dog, it just doesnt fit the standard.

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    Malamute Tail

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    I've got two chow/shepherd mixes whos tails have never curled. I've got a chow/shepherd/hound mix puppy who's tail is curled all the time. You cant pry it straight. So I guess some dogs does and some dogs dont.

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    that's just how the dog's tail is. it's nearly impossible to say if it's because the dog has wolf in her. if it hasn't curled by now, it probably won't. if there were something wrong with her tail, there would probably be a kink in it and she would be in pain.

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    if she indeed has wolf in her then that would be the answer you are looking for she inherited those genes from the wolf side.

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