Processor or memory for inspiron 1525 Laptop?

I have a choice of upgrading my intel celeron 550 processor(2.0GHz, 533Mhz, 1M L2 Cache) to a Intel Pentium Dual Core T2390 (1.86GHz/533Mhz/FSB/1MB Cache) Or go from a 1GB Shared Dual Channel at 667MHz to a 2GB Shared Dual Channel at 667 MHz. The computer is running on Windows Vista Premium Home Edition SP1. I will mostly use it for internet and games. Which upgrade will benefit me more.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It has really crappy Intel 3100 graphics that will steal system RAM from Vista so the 1 gig RAM is simply not enough, since you will end up with less than a gig to run Vista Premium - not cool

    But that single core Celeron isn't so good either...

    So get a real grapics chip too... and a 7200 rpm hard drive and now you have something going

    To do all that you can still stay with low-end Dell models, just get the Studio 15 with the ATI 3450 grpahics chip option amd the 7200 rpm hard drive option, 4 gigs of RAM and any dual core CPU speed and you have something stable and decent for a few years...

  • Mark N
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    1 decade ago

    Actually you need both...

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