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GUYS...are tall girls a turnoff?

ok. so im close to 5'11

do guys find that hot? or not?

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    um well i'm 5'7 and i havent had a problem getting dates or had a guy say i was too tall. i think its kind of a turn on, i have heard few guys say they like tall women. but, it doesnt bother me i wear heels that make me about your height, maybe taller and i feel hot!

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    Its really nice to find a tall girl with long tanned legs, good smile, and brown curly hair. The hair color doesn't matter but as long as the girl isn't taller than me im cool and it doesn't turn me off.

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    I generally don't like to be shorter than a girl. I'm 5'11. It shouldn't really be a big deal since most guys are around 6- 6'3 or so, thats just my 2 cents.

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    not really a turnofff

    just as long as their not anymore than 2 inches higher than me or so

    unless their really nice/pretty

    then idrc how tall

    im 5'5 and .5

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  • 1 decade ago

    oh yea,very hot!

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