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who will win each MLB division in the year 2012?

just an interesting spin on things.

my views:

AL EAST - the toughest division in baseball has all teams fighting for the top spot: rays edge out o's in last week of the season, o's win wild card on back of wieters, cabrera, jones. all teams finish with +70 wins.

AL CENTRAL - royals have best finish in recent memory, still only ech out third, white sox, twins exchange blows, sox pull it out in the last month. tigers still dead last with unrealistically high payroll.

AL WEST - kinsler wins mvp, angels still outplay entire division by more than 5 games

NL EAST - the marlins young guns strut their stuff and wrench the league title from the mets-phillies see-saw. mets beat phils for wild card.

NL CENTRAL - brewers keep sabathia, win division on steady, not dominating starts by sheets, sabathia, cubs drop to bottom after losing much of the star power, cards come in close second to mets in wild card.

NL WEST - dodgers continue to roll to 4th straigh division title and cruise to the NLs best record. padres flop at dead last with 63 wins, giants rockies dbacks hold close proximity to each other, all within 5 games.

include playoffs if you want.


lol i knew someone was gonna point out how the world is supposed to end...

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    AL East- Red Sox. A tight race against the Blue Jays land the Sox the division and the Blue Jays the wild card. The Orioles and Rays were neck in neck for 3rd place, and the Yankees were no where to be seen.

    AL Central- The Indians pulled off the division in a close race with the Tigers. The Twins and White Sox occupied the two bottom slots in the division race.

    AL West- The Mariners win the division by 2 games over the A's, with Texas and then the Angels trailing them.

    NL East- The Marlins manage to win this race with all the players that people called young back in 2008. The Braves take 2nd and the Mets take last.

    NL Central- The Pirates dominate the division because of all the trades they made for prospects in the 2008 season. The rest of the division finishes 7 games behind.

    NL West- The Padres manage to win this division by 1 game over the Rockies, with the Dodges, DBacks, and Giants no where in sight. The Padres win the Wild Card by 3 games over the Braves.

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    AL East - Baltimore

    AL Central KC

    AL West - Mariners

    AL Wild Card - Tigers (will have the worst playoff record at 82-80)

    NL Central - Cubs (will have the best record in MLB at 120-42)

    NL East - Mets

    NL West - Giants

    NL Wild Card San Diego

    In the AL The heavily favored O's will lose the ALDS to the Tigers in three games The Mariners will beat KC 3-1

    The Tigers will edge the Mariners 4-3 in the ALCS

    In the NL The Cubs will sweep San Diego 3-0 in the NLDS. The slightly favored Mets will lose to Giants.

    In the NLCS The Cubs will sweep the Giants

    The National League will have home advantage in the World Series

    The Cubs will bomb the Tigers in the first three games. They will lead the Tigers 10-1 in the fourth game of the World Series and the Tigers will have two outs and two strikes in the fouth game of the World Series in the bottom of the ninth and then they will rally for 10 runs and win the game 11-10. After that the Cubs will never score another run in the World Series and the Tigers will have three straight shutouts to win the World Series 4-3.

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    In 2012

    AL EAST Tampa Bay Rays

    AL Central Minnesota Twins

    AL West Texas Rangers

    AL Wild Card Boston Red Sox

    NL East Philadelphia Phillies

    NL Central Milwaukee Brewers

    NL West Colorado Rockies

    NL Wild Card Houston Astros

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    sounds such as you will like the device that they had purely before 1973 the place the terrific group from the NL and AL went at present to the worldwide sequence. yet my reaction to you is that if a #7 group beats the #a million group became the #a million seeded group particularly the terrific that 365 days or did they have an much less complicated branch or interleague schedule and get a collection of mushy wins? i admire what they did this 365 days, i've got been observing baseball because of the fact the early eighty's and that i'm no longer able to remember a 365 days with maximum of communities nonetheless interior the quest in September, it quite is stable for baseball and stable for the communities who would sell extra tickets on the top of the 365 days.

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    AL East-Rays

    AL Central-Twins

    AL West-Anahiem

    AL Wildcard-New york

    NL East- Phillies

    NL Central-Brewers

    NL West-Arizona

    NL Wildcard-Marlins

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    Exuse me, but the Giants will be Coming off a World Series win

    The Giants are the next Rays

  • I agree with most of your picks, love the Marlins pick however. I don't think the Brewers can keep C.C however, because of their relatively small payroll, Sabathia is really just a rental.

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    Good picks

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    world will end in 2012, so whats the point.

    Besides, brewers cant afford sheets or sabathia, dont kid yourself.

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