Station-wagon, mini-van, or SUV? (Soon-to-be family of four inquiring)?

Is the Honda Pilot worth the $$?

Should I look into a mini-van?

Can a used American vehicle holds its value?

Your thoughts on the topic are welcomed.

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    1 decade ago
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    Right now I would say a used station-wagon would be the best. Most are safe and a lot more fuel efficient than most SUVs or mini-vans. A used Audi a4 is a great car, with a good amount of leg room in both the front and back, great highway safety scores, and also 4 wheel drive (on the quattro models).

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    just bought a jeep cherokee... if u r going to spend lot of time in the vehic buy what fits you and the other driver of vehic while behind the wheel, M/v, S/w and suv all have good storage/space for what you have to carry w/ you so you decide what is most important on your list of features/needs. safety first of course then??? Room for kids w/ or w/out booster/safety seats, other passengers you may carry also, Baby/toddler gear, etc Gas mileage didn't matter to me because I drive 100 mi a day for my job - I would rather be comfortable since I am 6ft/230lbs Both my nephews and niece play sports after school so I needed space for equip bags, cooler and lawn chairs Chrysler M/v is the best out there in terms of storage, holding value ease of working on should you have mech. issues Any thing is worth the money if previous owner can PROVE what they tell you about their car. A carfax only costs about $40 it will tell you what you need to know wish i had used it before purchase of last car - wasted $8000 and had to eat it all didn't do carfax on that car - should have also will tell you what a vehic is worth for free log in answer Q's about vehic and the Retail,Wholesale AND Private party values are listed Most important DO NOT RUSH YOURSELF there is more than 1 of those cars out there don't make a hasty choice and don't let sellers pressure you its your money how hard did you work for it? Would you roll down the window and let it blow away just because??

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    1 decade ago

    If you ever get snow, you will find 4x4 worth it's weight in gold.

    Most American SUVs are at fire-sale prices right now. And if you're keeping it for more than 5 years, resale values are a moot point. You'll never get more than 25% of your purchase price in trade in after 5 years or over 80,000 miles.

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    I would look at a mini van. Some are available in awd and with the sliding doors in will make it easy to get kids in and out.

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  • uhlman
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    4 years ago

    My grandfather had a important Buick Station wagon some time previous even as. each summer season, we could bypass up north to his cottage in it. this is been a lengthy lengthy lengthy time period when you consider that something like that regardless of the reality that. yet, that's his boat I stay in at present so i will nevertheless actual remember it.

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