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Anonymous asked in PetsBirds · 1 decade ago

Avian Vet Examination For My Parakeet?

Dear Yahoo! Answers Members,

Hello, I am going to take my female parakeet Sunbeam to get an examination to see if she is going to lay eggs or not. I am also going to clip her wings/nails clipped.

I was wondering how much this would cost? I want to make sure I have enough money to take Sunbeam to get examined. She is showing symptoms of having eggs, but I want to be a million percent sure.

Also, where could I find an Avian Vet in my area? I'm in the Middletown area of Ohio. I really need to find an Avian Vet, and preferably soon. My mom and dad won't let me travel out-of-state for an Avian Vet.

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    I find three board certified avian vets in Ohio:

    Susan Orosz, DVM, ABVP Avian

    5166 Monroe St., Toledo

    (419) 843-3137

    Christal Pollock, DVM, ABVP Avian

    14265 Superior Rd., Cleveland Heights

    (216) 870-3570

    Gary Riggs, DVM, ABVP Avian

    4873 Richland Ave., Norton

    (330) 825-2434

    I know these aren't particularly close to you. There are undoubtedly other avian vets in Ohio who are just not board certified. Start by calling vets near you and asking for referrals. You might also call any local bird clubs and ask them for help in locating an avian vet.

    It's hard to tell you what an examination will cost. Here in California I'd expect to pay $50 - $60 for an exam. Some vets will include a wing and nail clip and some will charge another $20 or so for it.

    Sorry I can't be of any more help. Good luck with Sunbeam!



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  • 1 decade ago

    An Avian vet will observe the area above the vent for swelling and they will lightly touch the area. ( Best you don't tounch her there, if is too hard the egg's within can easily break and then it is a for sure surgery to save her life)

    Also if she has egg binding and unable to expell the egg, if there is one or more, then sugery is needed to save her life and is expensive.

    You will be asked questions about her. Age, Diet, when did you notice swelling, Etc. Then if suspected she does have an egg the Dr. will want to have a X-ray taken and blood work done and sent to lab.

    Call some local Avian Vets and ask price for exam and these other tests, if need to be done. Most DVM can give you names and address and phone # for a Avain vet near you.

    Are this birds dropping larger than normal and messy looking.

    Can you see swelling above her vent.

    Has she beeb eating normally and drinking water normally.

    Does she appear stressed and uncomfortable.

    The above are signs of a hen with an egg.

    Has she been paired for breeding.

    * Hens can develope egg's without a male.

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  • henkle
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    3 years ago

    those are all rather great solutions, I believe maximum all of them. a great clean shop won't purchase from anybody yet a longtime breeder. And, as kramor22 reported, there are too many already, and it somewhat is quite annoying to shift a chicken to a clean abode, in contrast to a canine or cat who accepts new people greater handy. I too, do the abode secure haven, and those adult males tend to bond to a minimum of one guy or woman. There are 2 techniques of questioning; one is to sell, and ask around, yet be selective, please, a infant won't provide it the time and care it desires except it has a discern very devoted. it extremely is going to easily get given away lower back. some say a unfastened chicken isn't solid, because of the fact the guy they provide it to has the attitude that they didnt spend something besides,so no biggee in the event that they cant shop it the two, hence commencing a bad cycle for the destructive little guy. yet promoting could be annoying. perhaps supply in an advert to sell for $20, which incorporate the cage, nutrition, toys, etc. that way there is a few investment a minimum of, then please be selective. They love interaction, and ask what number hours they are able to spend with it, ask approximately different animals in abode.. dont place with a cat or canine in case you are able to in all probability help it. in many situations birds at the instant are not solid presents, they might desire to bond to the guy, yet exceptions could be made. I even have heard that there are businesses to place animals with homebound people, elderly, etc, and that they had take it unfastened, and it would get a guy or woman there all of the time to like it. i be attentive to each now and then life dictates we won't be able to shop our critters no remember what we are hoping, yet please, if its purely which you're uninterested in it... dont get yet another puppy for awhile. Take care.

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