What gives a car better acceleration,fuel injection or multi- point fuel injection?

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    i think i understand the question. above guy is right and wrong. SFI is not "single fuel injection" it is "sequential fuel injection" meaning each cylinder is independantly controlled from one another by the control module. MPFI is "multi point fuel injection" in a V-6 situation, 3 injectors share a common ground and the other 3 are on another ground. they all share the same voltage source, the module will command 3 on at a time. bad for gas mileage and performance.

    sequential fuel injection is by far superior to the old outdated MPFI or MFI, as the timing is more precise, the quantity is better controlled, and you get better throttle responce and accleration.

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  • Kmax
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    1 decade ago

    If you mean single port FI versus MPI, MPI is better as each cylinder gets the exactly measured amount of fuel that it need at that particular intake stroke. But this is more for the efficiency than the acceleration performance. That is a completely different story which involves total weight of the vehicle, gear ratios in the transmission and the differential, ignition timing, fuel pressure, compression ratio, intake and exhaust valve surface area and lift, cam shaft lobe angles, intake and exhaust manifold lengths and shapes, combustion chamber shape and so on.

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