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Students living in Puerto Rico?

Hi, I am an undergrad student in South Florida going away to school in Puerto Rico to the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras. I've never been to the island therefore know nothing about it. I was wondering if anyone could give me any relevant information regarding the city as a whole, living on campus, crimes, transportation, etc...Thanks in advance.

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    Rio Piedras is not a great neighborhood in general, but the area around the University is pretty nice. San Juan has good areas & bad areas. Just stay out of La Perla & the Caserios(housing projects) & you should be ok. There is some transportation in San Juan. San Juan is a very nice place on a whole. There is historic Old San Juan & shopping & beaches to keep you busy. I think you will enjoy your time in PR :) Goodluck

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    Whats happening is that Puerto Rico University its way cheaper than the US ones. There is a cons and pros in your question. The transportation is no problem if you live near the university in the metro area. There are public buses and a train that takes you to the University of PR in Rio Piedras. The neighboorhood is no problem if you dont walk late at night all by yourself in dark and bad areas. Rio Piedras is a very busy city, but their is worse crimes in terms of random crimes in the US than in PR. The big problem would be that you need to know at least some fluent Spanish and also the University of PR has its stike issues when their is disagreements with the government politics and this affects the university because students and teachers go on stike quite often and they stop classes for a period of time, it can be a short or long time, but this affects the time of completion for graduation. so you might want to consider this very well and get more info. online about the university policies, its costs and life style, also political issues that affected the students education.

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    RIo Piedras in general is inside San Juan, is like a county of San Juan. San Juan is divided by, Hato rey, RIo Piedras, Cupey, Caimito, Santurce, Old San Juan. Rio Piedras is not the greastest neighborhood of San Juan. but the area surroinding the university is pretty nice. they also built new residences in 2005 i think. you have to understand spanish. after it you will like PR. People here knows english but the classes are in Spanish except english obviously.

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    Bebe said it. The Rio Piedras area isn't to good. The campus is good though.

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    First of all... DO YOU SPEAK, READ AND WRITE in SPANISH? if all you can talk is AmeriKan... you will have a lot of problems because they are not going to teach you in Amerikan.. so you need to be fluent in Spanish BEFORE you get there.

    The best way to find a place to live is GO THERE... if you believe all the web sites there are not apartments for rent for less that $1000 per week and that is not true.. but you WON'T FIND THE BARGAINS by looking on the Internet.. YOU HAVE TO GO THERE.

    If you look around, you can even find a sleeping room in a private residence.. but YOU HAVE TO BE THERE IN PERSON to get it.

  • your best bet are your fellow students when you get there. people here give stupid answers. take the train from one end to the other, and see the area for yourself. good times!

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