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NBA question - why doesn't Marcus Banks stick?

Marcus Banks is an NBA player who puzzles me. He's supposed to be a great defender; in one game when he was with my Phoenix Suns, the Warriors' Baron Davis torched them in the first half, but in the second half, Banks went in and pretty much shut him down. I simply blame Mike D'Antoni (a horrible coach) and his snubbing of the bench for Banks's irrelevance in Phoenix; but to my surprise, he can't break through in Miami either.

Why doesn't a player like that have more success, if only as a role player? Does he have bad luck, or a bad attitude?

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    alrite, hes only been with us for not even a whole year but i can tell, he is an overated defender. whatever game you are talking about is probaly cause dantoni made a good defesive scheme at teh half. banks is very fast but his problem is he makes horrible descions. he needs to slow down and i think he can be our starting PG if he can make better desicions instead of going 100mph down teh court then throw the rock away.

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    Marcus banks is a an amazing athlete, very quick. Unfortunately he plays too quick as well. He plays the game way too fast, always rushing and never thinking enough about his decisions. I remember when he was just a baby playing for my celtics, he would make a great steal then run down the court a hundred miles an hour on a fast break and throw the ball away when he should have just pulled it out and set up a play. He needs to calm down and use his quickness to his advantage, it shouldn't be a hindrance.

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    He's a combo guard. He's a point guard that can't dribble, nor distribute the ball like any coach would like, but he's also a shooting guard with an ineffective or inconsistent shot. On defense he can't defend the smaller faster players, and he can't defend the big stronger players. He needs to find his niche elsewhere.

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    he could probably be one of those guys who are hot at one moment but then get cold like jamal crawford but on defense and i would blame d'antoni his philosphy is based on offense and he doesnt no whats good defense

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