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What are some differences between spiders, crustaceans, and insects?

I know that they all have a different number of appendages. Are there any other big differences I should know about?

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    SPIDERS: A body with two segments, eight legs, spinnerets, no chewing parts, no wings, and the presence of chelicerae, which spiders use to hold prey, and in most cases, inject venom.

    CRUSTACEANS: Crustacean anatomy is characterized by an external skeleton and a segmented body. Composed of a series of hard segments called somites. They have two sets of jaws in front of the mouth, and have several appendages near the mouth that act as feeding aids. The limbs usually start with a pair of developed arms with claws. Behind these are 4 pairs of walking legs, and as the claws are classed as legs. They have a total 10 LEGS.

    INSECTS: An insect body has a hard exoskeleton protecting a soft interior, it is divided into three main parts ( the head, thorax and abdomen) each of which is in turn composed of several smaller segments. They have 3 PAIRS of LEGS.

    Hope that helps!

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    arachnids have two parts to their body while insects have three. Crustaceans tend to live in water while the majority of arachnids and insects prefer to stay on dry land.

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