MNF tension in the booth ?

Does anyone else sense some tension between Jaws and Kornheiser? I feel like Jaws knows A LOT about football and Kornheiser doesn't so Kornheiser rips on Jaws whenever he says something that isn't up to Kornheiser's level of eloquence and Jaws realizes what he's doing and doesn't appreciate it. Anyway, anything is better than Madden. I'd take Kornheiser over Madden any day. I don't care what anyone says.


Nobody likes Madden because he sounds like a fat slob and all he does is state the obvious. It's ridiculous. Oh really John they needed to get 4 yards and not 3 for the first down. How insightful. Oh really John, you say you can't get a first down by running a route not past the first down line. Come on.

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Update 2:

Spare me your opinions people. Just answer the question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Don't you people see the name of the site is Yahoo! answers not Yahoo! opinions. People are more annoying than John Madden.

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    Yeah, I've sensed some of that.

    In the past few weeks, I've felt like Jaws has subtly lashed out at Kornheiser, who in turn kind of makes a point of being a jerk to Jaws. Watching the tension slowly rise has really been the only interesting part of listening to this crew in the booth.

    Although, I am with you on John Madden. How he made a career for himself as on-air broadcast talent is beyond me.

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    Sometimes I think Jaws would like to punch him. But I also sense that Tirico is losing patience as well. When Kornholer starts off on Favre, he's made a couple of comments like "this is going to get old fast" and "at this rate it's going to be a long night", followed by a couple of minutes of silence from Kornheiser. Kornheiser has not done himself any favors with his performance.

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    Kornheiser has no business being in a booth. Jaws is pretty nice to Tony, and tries to be helpful when Tony starts talking about something that he obviously has no clue about. Tony never seems to return the favor. And Mike Tirico has all the personality of a dishtowel, although he's been getting a little better lately.

    Madden, on the other hand, I have no idea why anyone dislikes. He's a likeable person, and also very informative and passionate person. I hate Frank Caliendo for making fun of him all the time; too often, people get caught up in the jokes and lose sight of the real person.

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    Jaws and Tirico are good in the booth. Kornheiser is an idiot who has no business in the announcers booth. He has all the insight of a blind colonoscopy, he sees nothing and his insights stink like sh!t.

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    Too bad frank had to go cheat on his wife 'cause we would have never had a need for this question.

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    I hate kornhowser...the guy is a complete joke!

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