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PS3's Home! Fall Release Date?

On ps3 home, when is the release date in fall?

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    Release date...fall? Well thats old news im afraid considering Sony have announced a closed beta 3 that will be 2-3 months before release and still isnt up and running...the main producer has said 'I would rather release it in another 6-7 months for it to be filled with players than to release now and for it to be a failure'.

    So not very likely there gonna bring it out before the beta, so keep waiting!

    Source(s): Playstation Official Magazine...
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    Spring 2008 and 3 rd of 2008 so u could desire to attend kinda long quite merely get a ps3 understand cuz its like the ultimate systeam ever guy and 360 sucks balls cuz of the three purple ring of deathh

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    Not announced yet.

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