Who plays Lois on Smallville and what is the actresses name?

Who is Lois on Smallville? Who does her hair and makeup? What other shows or movies has she been in?

What is Season 8 going to be like for Lois' character? Will her and Clark finally get together with Lana out of the picture?

When did the writers for Smallville decide to start using Kara in the show? What type of character is Kara in the comics and/or previous movies? How is she related to Clark? What is her story line going to be about?

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    Erica Durance is Lois Lane in Smallville( my favorite show everr!! :]] ).

    im sry idk who her makeup artist is.

    There are going to be a lottt more Clois scenes and the writers say they aren't playing Clark & Lois as "brother and sister" anymore. And they will both realize they having feelings for each other especially in the fifth episode called "Committed". (Lois is put under a lie-detector and has to confess her feelings right IN FRONT OF CLARK!!! <33) that is according to krytonsite.com

    The writers decided to put Kara in Smallville for season 7 but this season she only be in 1 or 2 episodes. She is Clark's cousin from Krypton. (Jor-El's side) So she is an important character anymore and in the comics she is Supergirl.

    ohhh and here are some of her previous credits: Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, The Chris Isaak Show, Tru Calling, (Movies) House of the Dead, The Butterfly Effect 2, and im not sure if there are any others.

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    here is some info on eric durance who is the person who plays lios lane on smallville!


    the thing is lois and clark is having some sparks this season but lana is coming back for 5 episodes and that is the episode were it is chloe wedding it will start with her coming back so we will see!

    season 7 they started using kara but she is out of the piture in season 8 she will bein like 1 episode! kara in the comics was less strong not really like she is now pushing around clark! but in the show she puxhes around clark because she still thinks he is the baby and she is the older one! she is related to clark by her being his cosin from krypton! Her story lineis her trying to fit in to the world just like clark but in a little different style!!

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    Erica Durance joined Smallville in the fourth season, and has appeared in 13 episodes of every season ever since. In Season 8 it is said that she will be in even more episodes!

    Also sometimes credited as Erica Parker, she has appeared in episodes of Andromeda, Tru Calling, and The Chris Isaak Show. She was also in the movie "House of the Dead."

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    Erica Durance, she has guest starred in the television series "Stargate SG-1," "The Chris Isaak Show," "Andromeda" and "Tru Calling." She also starred in the 2004 pilot "Gramercy Park" and guest starred in the fantasy series "The Collector." Also she was in "The Butterfly Effect", "Ecstasy", "Stranded", "Devil Winds", "The Untold", and "House of the Dead".

    It is going to be fulltime reporter for the daily planet and yes clark and her def. like each other and something is going on between the two of them.

    They decided to use her for season 7 just to bring in supergirl. She is supergirl. She is his cousin from Krypton. She will be in at least one episode in season 8.

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    Erica Durance

    I dislike clark with lois and not lana. You don't get over that.

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