How Do I Get My Site Listed on Google?

...and other search engine's?

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    Takes a long time to appear anywhere on google. Firstly put good keywords in your website. Then go to

    Here you will find loads of good info about internet advertising, with lists of good keywords. You can fill out all sorts of forms on here for their free advertising. Also list yourself on google maps, you can just put an area if not an address.

    Also list yourself on free directories all over the net, the more times your website is named on the web the more search engines recognise this. It takes a good while for you to feature in any search engines because of the way the internet works, but eventually you will feature!

    Top Tip-Don't pay for anything, I never did with my website and am now number 2 on the google searches.

    Good Luck

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    You should submit your site to the search engine.

    The way it works is the most popular sites get to the top the least at the bottom of the list.

    So say if you were a restaurant and if you were say to do a search for "Restaurant in London" your website might pop up somewhere down on page 30 or 40. But if lots of people make the effort to trawl through and find it then click on the link it'll become more popular and will start to appear further towards the top the more people click the link. It bases the search on the content within the first few lines of your website. So make sure all the key words you think people would search for and of what your website is about is right up at the top of your home page.

    You can also go down the route of pay per click advertising. You pay the website to appear in a prominent place (down the right hand side in Google) then each time someone clicks your link you pay. You pay for the search terms people will search for, the more general the more you pay.

    You can normally find a link somewhere on the page for About, FAQ, Searching or linking your site or advertising to find out how they work.

    Oh and try and get links to your site on other people related sites. Get it out there everywhere you can - in you signature at the bottom all emails you send, and forums you post too. You want to try and get on as many links pages as you can. Some sites, forums place like that will have places you can submit your link.

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    Hi Adam ...

    Google, Yahoo etc make the selections ... you must concentrate on your web.. & once you get a decent volume of hits they might include your site on their search engine... You could refer a million times to no a robotic scanner does the work & decides if the content & hits warrent inclusion.. so its hard work.. dedication.. & appealing to others.. I know I have my own web..

    The only other way is to pay for inclusion. Thats what business sites must do..

    Yours Lizzie..

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    OK don't worry you find in this link submit your blog or website in Google

    ( ).try it's free & also when Google crawl to your blog will indexing it.

    you can use another links to add your blog in some search engine like yahoo :( ) & msn search :( )& use RSS for your blog in this link :( ). you can search in google about this words :add your site - add link - add here - submit your web site. you find a lot of site to index your site inside serach engine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I use google webmaster. It's VERY good. I think it'll help you.

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    If it is worth listing, it will make it.

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