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PETA is Urging Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream to Switch From Cow's Milk to Human Breast Milk -Do You Think It's Gross?

PETA is trying to get Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Company to switch from using cow's milk to human breast milk. Do you think this is nasty? What type of problems could you think of if Ben and Jerry decided to do this?

And by the way....Ben and Jerry's won't be switching even though they were asked, haha.

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    Thank Goodness we dont lay eggs

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    Yes that is indeed weird. It would never work. I think PETA has gone way over the top on this one. Do they realize how much mother's milk would be needed for Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Do they want women to line up (like in a Dairy) and give milk all day long? What are they thinking? <oh, right, Pamela Anderson is their spokesmodel, enough said>

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    I think their sales would go down. I don't really care, I mean we all drink when we are babies so no i don't think breast milk is gross, but in ice cream it would be strange.

    where would you find enough women to even supply gallons and gallons of breast milk?

    I would not eat the ice cream if it was made with breast milk, (even though i am a vegetarian and am against how milk factory's treat their cows.) but on the plus side a lot of people would be dropping pounds XP

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    I heard about this yesterday. To be perfectly honest, I was disgusted with the idea.

    But then I odd, humans being disgusted at drinking their own kind's milk. Isn't it ironic?

    I don't know how they'd do this, though. It's not like you can just "milk" a woman any time you feel like. They sort of have to be lactating, and that only happens when they have children, so...I'd like to hear how they plan to get this milk and what they'd do if there aren't enough "volunteers." I haven't heard their propositions to that yet.

    And for that matter---if cows are being "abused" at the moment for their milk, what will this "milking of humans" turn into? PETAs argument makes no sense---there aren't enough counter-arguments of theirs to make it work.

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    I can just imagine a whole factory full of women lined up at breast pumps, milking away!

    Other than that, nobody listens to PETA anymore! They're just wacky!

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    If PETA thinks cows are being abused for their milk what do they think will happen to humans if they start using human milk in large portions?

    They don't think their protests through.

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    No, I don't find it nasty, why would I?

    If I can drink milk that comes from an ANIMAL... why not from a woman?

    Do I think it's practical? NO. It's obvious that they would not do this. Can you imagine the amount of money they'd have to pay a woman to let them "milk" her?

    Plus, I don't think the flavor would be the same....

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    Who would donate their breast milk to Ben and Jerry's??? Gross!

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    Who does PETA suggest will provide that amount of milk?

    I can just see it -- thousands of women hooked up to breast pumps just so we can have our Cherry Garcia.......

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    saw that a while back I think everyone who is a part of peta needs to be put on an island and fend for themselves did I mention I want it to be an island that the military test nuclear bombs on it

  • Kyle B
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    Well, there breast milk is more natural for us then cow's milk, they should ,however soy would be a better alternative to dairy.

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