How to become a Handyman?

Hi. Im looking to become a handyman in New South Wales, Australia, but I cant seem to find information regarding the legal requirements (mainly getting a license)

Do you need a Handyman license in NSW? How can I get one?? Who should I contact for information?

Please help. Thanks.


O ok. But sometimes in the newspaper ads I see Handymen that state their "License number" and nothing about their ABN number. Do you think its the same thing???

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    1 decade ago
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    I think only the electricians need a license. All you have to do is registered your own business name and get ABN number,you can do it online, then advertise your business or yourself in local news paper or give away the pamphlets in each letter box to promote yourself.


    The one with the license is an all around handyman including the bulb changing, basic electrical fixing. You have to specify that you are handy man such as repair in bathroom, carpet, lawn cleaning but no electrical job included. Look heaps of handy men in Sydney suburb who can't even speak proper English and no license , their adds on local paper every week and if I call them what you can do they will say just clean and fix anything no electrical work.

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    4 years ago

    Yes you can place them in doors but NOT mailboxes. You can hang them on community bulletin boards Ask hardware stores to post them Your flier should list of what you will do, such as, paint, lay flooring, repair damages and hang curtains What ever else you can think of. There are many senior citizens you can't do simple chores any longer and you would be very valuable to them

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