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Best hangover cure for you?

What works best in your experiences to cure hangovers?

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    Usually I feel much better if I eat a really fattening and salty

    Like a Big Mac and french fries from McDonalds with a big Coke.

    That always helps for some reason...


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    Water; Sports Drinks, Pain reliever

    Berocca - Puts the vitamin B back in, as well as the big glass of water it's mixed with. It's probably best to do this before you go out.

    Coke - Fizz for the nausea, liquid for the dehydration, and a caffeine and sugar hit to make you feel a bit more lively.

    Coffee - Same as Coke but without the bubbles to help ease the nausea. Try it with honey instead of sugar since the fructose is absorbed quicker than the sucrose in normal sugar, and it's better for you.

    Ginseng - It's been noted that since caffeine is a diuretic like alcohol, it can actually make the dehydration worse, so try the herbal equivalent instead.

    Vegemite On Toast - Something in your stomach is good, and salty is even better. Plus you get a Vitamin B top up. The same reasons also make peanut butter a good choice, but the oily nature might make some sensitive stomachs feel a bit yucky. If you do try try this one, skip the butter and just have dry toast.

    Cold Pizza - Who knows, but it seems to work.

    Asprin - Simply attends to the headache and does nothing for the level of alcohol in your system. Don't take them before you go to bed.

    Bananas - Sugar in the form of fructose, and potassium, which is one of the things you lose lots of when you drink. Bananas are also a natural antacid to help with the nausea, and are high in magnesium which can help relax those pounding blood vessels causing that hangover headache. For a variety of reasons try a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich on white bread.

    Vitamin C - Another thing the alcohol takes out that you're advised to put back in as soon as possible. Orange juice, tomato, a 600mg Vitamin C tablet - doesn't matter, just do it.

    A Hot Bath - The heat will sweat out the toxins that are causing all the problems. You'll feel a bit woozy at first but go with it and you'll feel better afterwards.

    Chocolate Milk - This one was sent in by Michael and sounds like it's worth a try - "Regarding your hangover remedies, I would like to suggest chocolate milk. The store bought kind seems to work best, due to ease of attainment (unless you blew all your money at the bar hoping to get lucky), quietness (no loud banging of the teaspoon trying to mix the homemade stuff), and ease of use (the opening is the perfect fit when you have the jitters and no messy clean up). The suggested minimum dosage is the pint ( 1/2 litre) size, though the new quart (litre) can be used for extreme episodes. Other than the rehydration factor, I find that chocolate milk offers the tummy a soothing coating for the nausea. It also repletes some of the vitamins your body is now woefully lacking. The sugars (lactose & sucrose) and salt seem to be the perfect balance of the carb/salt fix. Many women can attest to the beneficial, relatively inexpensive, and legal effects of chocolate against depression, whether physiological or psychological. Last, the flavor seems to do wonders for that ghastly "did I try to mop the floor with my tongue?" taste in your mouth. So, on your way home, stop by your convenient convenience store, head on over to the cooler, grab one more "cold one" (chocolate milk, that is), and bring it home for the morning. Your mother shall compliment you on at least one healthy drinking habit."

    Sauerkraut - Casey reckons "I know only a few people who will try this hangover remedy but those who do it swear by it, sauerkraut. It makes some sense - the acid/nadh balance and the nutritional value - but from first hand experience it works rediculously well. I've seen it work in the most extreme cases." If you can't bring yourself to eat the actually chunky bits, try sauerkraut juice (out of the sauerkraut bottle) mixed with tomato juice, or a good helping of Sauerkraut Hangover Soup (recipe below). Actually while doing a bit of poking around checking out the vailidity of this claim, it appears that eating raw cabbage has been used right through history for preventing as well as curing hangovers, so Casey could well be onto something here.

    Source(s): haha weird website but they work
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    From my experience, a fresh beer and half an hour later, a good meal like potatoes or pasta. And then go to sleep about 2 hours afte eating, to give time for the digestion.

    And you're ready for the next one hehe.

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    The only thing remotely close to me has seemed to be a fruit smoothie packed with vitamins and antioxidants... but hangovers seem to stubbornly run their course and most stuff is just for comfort. As another person said the best way is to avoid them... because once they happen we always say "Never again," but forget.

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    Drinking lots of water is always good.

    Now recently some Irish friends told me that eating any fried food does very good for hangover too.

    According to them that technique is quite famous in Ireland, I don't know anyway.

    Haven't tried that one though.

    Are you having a hangover? or planning to?

    • It coats your stomache with grease/fat and slows down the absorbtion of alcohol. Eat before and during drinking. Eating after your stomache is rid of alcohol does nothing except maybe cause indigestion

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    you can buy a herbal remedy called"milk thistle" n u take a dropper of it before u go out n a dropper the morning after( best to take it in water)

    it improves liver function thus preventing or at least lessening a hangover!

    i didn't believe it till i tried it but now i swear by it, it's fab!!!

    u can buy it in most health food shops!!

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    Hmm lots of sleep and I drink an Arthur's Green Energy Drink. It is a fruit smoothie and just gives you all back what you need!

    Or of course greasy McDs and advil too!

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    A pint of water before i drop to sleep or pass out, followed by a pint as soon as i open my eyes and then a McDonalds for Breakfast/Lunch

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    a big greasy feed and sucking on ice otherwise sleep is the best cure

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    A good "greasy breakfast", followed by a shot!

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