Vegan School Lunch Ideas?

I'm in High School and i don't want people to think vegans just don't eat. But when I'm at school(despite that hella long petition) they have nothing i can eat. Any ideas for some fairly simple lunches i could bring to school that would convince my friends i don't only eat lettuce?

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    There are lots of healthy lunch ideas.

    Look throughh magazines and look in the recipe section.

    i have found things like

    mufins ( only if you eat egg) - bananna, blueberry, anything look up some mufin recipes on the internet.

    quiche (once again only if you eat eggs) - put things in like tomarto, zuchini, carrot.

    meausli bars - could be made (recipe on internet) or bought from the shop

    wraps - put in salad and a dressing (optional)

    mini pizza - easy to make and a yummy snack add on vegetables and tomato base.

    bagette sandwitches- cut up a bagette and add whatever filings you want

    the simple sandwitch - add on whatever filling you feel like.

    vegie sticks in cream cheese- cut up vegies into sticks and dip them in cream cheese or make another dip (search up on the internet)

    rice and vegetable pie -

    pasta salad - simple vegetables, mayanase and pasta

    bananna bread - easy to make and a good way to get rid of nearly off banannas

    popcorn - not the healthiest but a yummy snack

    vegietable bake

    fried rice

    friut salad- yummy

    vegiemite and chese pinwheels- yummy but not too healthy - good site for recipies

    hope i helped


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    I have been making a batch of these every saturday and then bringing 2 to school for lunch. I freeze the extras, and then heat them up the night before.

    Very yummy. Very Vegan.

    I also like sandwiches with these fillings:

    -Peanut butter, strawberry jelly, sliced bananas and strawberries

    -Hummus, tomatoes and lettuce

    -Tofurkey deli meats, mustard mixed with agave nectar (honey mustard veganized!!!!) vegan cheese and tomatoes

    Good luck! I'm a freshman in highschool and I'm not vegan yet, but almost there!!

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    You can buy vegan yogurt, desserts and jellies in individual pots. you can buy fruit stick that are individually wrapped, or packets of dried fruit types. You could try buying small containers ( with screw top lids) and filling them with nuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, fresh fruit in own juice or anything else that takes your fancy. You could make your own burgers at the weekend which freeze great then take one out to defrost the night before? have this with salad, baked tattie or in a bun? Next time you have some spare time really stop and look at everything in the supermarket, take notes . you dont say where you are but you can buy soya slices in just about any flavour from the redwood company..Hope you find something suitable.

    Source(s): personal experience of eating vegan for over 20 years (on a budget!!)
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    Homemade vegan school lunches are where it's at! Hummous with carrots/celery, Apple slices/carrot slices, vegan cookies, vegi chips, nuts (cashews, almonds), peanut butter sandwich, apple juice, cooked veggie burgers, couscous, cold pasta, soy yogurt, fruit salad, veggie bars, salad efuckingtc...

    O ya and onetime; let's see if youre still kicking in 50 years with all the cholesterol and fat your heart has soaked up from eating dead animal flesh.

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    How about hummus with roasted peppers on in and other veggies in a pita or a wrap you can bring a dressing in a little container and add it to the wrap or dip your wrap in it. Or how about a grilled veggie sandwich or peanut butter and banana sandwich.

    A nice fruit salad. Make a vegetable stew with potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, zucchini, green beans. (any of your favorite veggies)

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    I like bringing pasta salads, vegan biscuits, fruit and occasionally dark chocolate, soy yogurt or vegan jello. I usually bring a small (250mL) chocolate soy milk.

    And there is of course the good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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    Spicy Eggplant with basil leaves and peppers over brown rice. Its easy to prepare, and easy to warm up in the microwave.

    Saute Eggplant, Red Bellpepper and onions in olive oil, add some low sodium soy sauce and garlic, and serve over steamed brown rice... DELICIOUS.

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    1 decade ago

    wow thats hard


    i got nothing except salad

    oh no wait

    vegie burgers and fries. (not that bad)

    vegetarian pasta

    suffed vegies

    vegie soups


    dips and chips

    and the list goes on

    visit this website if you want

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    Houmous, avocado, tomato, rice cheese, peanut butter, almond/cashew butter..

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