Is Senator Lindsey Graham a socialist?

He supported the Bailout Bill which sent 700 billion taxpayer dollars

to wall street(as if Middle America could ever pay that and the 10 TRILLION US DEBT in their lifetime).

Instead of being the "Proud Conservative" he purports to be

he sides with the Socialist majority of the United States Government.

Instead of rejecting the Big Government/DaddyKnowsBest Democrat/Socialist Agenda he decided to leave the principles of the US Constitution which he SWORE TO PROTECT and sided with the Slave Owner/FederalReserveBank which is leading this once proud nation into a abyss of despair.


You might as well burn up the constitution Mr Graham

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    1 decade ago
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    Strangely enough, a Ron Paul supporter who used to be on the local Republican executive committee ran as a Democrat and took the primary to run against Graham next month. His name is Conley.

    He is against the bailout, and all around better and MUCH more fiscally conservative than Graham, and the last polls I saw had him behind Graham but only in single digits - and that was BEFORE the bailout started to be discussed.

    If I lived in South Carolina, I'd certainly vote for him against Graham. As a matter of fact, I donated to his campaign on general principles, even though I live in a different state. Graham just really needs to go, don't you think?

  • 4 years ago

    he's amazingly perfect for countless motives: a million) tea party could no longer incredibly have management... whether there is a few style of organizational shape set up, there at the instant are not any clever leaders to maintain the circulate going and becoming... 2) being indignant is an exceptionally momentary motivator... the tea party would not incredibly have plans, targets, concrete techniques... they're basically a collection of indignant previous human beings... anger would not save you working to enhance, it incredibly is a momentary racist venting interest, no longer a political party... 3) they're needless to say no longer very wonderful in any respect 4) they're so previous maximum of them will possibly die of organic reasons via the subsequent election...

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