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On my motorcycle,when it's stationary and is on,why is it really hard to shift from gear 1 to 0(neutral)?

Any ideas what the problem is? When I'm actually riding, it doesn't get stuck, only when I'm stationary and the motorcycle is on and I'm just shifting through the gears to test them out. When it's off and I'm shifting through the gears with just the key turned to on it does seem to shift fairly smoothly. Even if I do manage to get it to 0 I sometimes can't shift it to gear 2. Also, sometime I tend to go from gear 1 to 2 and then I am actually allowed to slightly downshift from gear 2 to 0 by barely tapping it down to down shift. The problem is when I accidentally pass gear 0 and go straight down to gear 1 and then can't seem to go back to 0 without literally having to use my hand strength. Is this normal? Am I supposed to oil something? What do you think the problem is? Please help. Thank you very much.

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    Running and stationary....1/2 your tranny[input side] is moving and 1/2 [output] cant move to mesh geqrs right. Check your clutch adjustment and your clutch cable adjustment. These are two different things. Put your bike on the centerstand and this problem should go away. if your rear wheel can spin even a little your tranny will shift much easier when youre not moving. That said...the good weather is going fast...ride that thing, stop sitting on it.

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    When sitting still, rev the engine then let go of the throttle.

    When the revs just start to slow down - shift into neutral.

    That procedure will temporarily unbind the transmission gears, allowing for a smooth shift.

    Obviously you're holding in the clutch lever (and not moving), so the clutch adjustment is not the cause of your problem.

    It's just a common flaw of a "constant mesh" transmission.

    Some models are better, or worse than others.

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    Often it's hard to change into or out of neutral on a stationary bike when the clutch is dragging. This usually means there's too much clutch cable slack. Check the adjusters at the end of the clutch cable, turn them out a few notches to reduce the slack, and see if that helps.

    I'd recommend trying this first because a) it's free, b) it's easy and c) it will probably help. If that doesn't help, ask again! Good luck.

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    It's apparent you don't have a Kawasaki with their "neutral finder". Do as guardrail jim says. In addition to Kawasakis, I've also had Hondas, Yamaha's and Suzukis. The Hondas were the worst for 1-2, 2-1,1-2 and never being able to get it to stop in neutral.

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    This is common on many bikes. Just let the clutch out a little so the bike rocks fwd a bit, then pull the clutch back in, you should be able to find neutral easily.

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    What kind of bike? Honda rebels are notorious for being a stone bXXXX to find neutral on when the engine is running... Sometimes you just ahv eto develop the "touch".

    Also, is this a new or used bike? If its used are the dogs eaten out of 2nd by some jackhole wheeling all the time?

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    sounds such as you elect a sparkling or rebuilt transmission!!!! merely relies upon on what has been carried out to it, if not something then it particularly is sweet to to go searching for a stable tranny save. Are there any codes saved? maximum in all likelihood in spite of if that's whining, thnigs are burnt interior & as quickly as issues get burnt, its toast

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    Neutral is sort of a vague area, not used much so the trans was designed to go fro 1 to 2 and 2 to 1. It's better now N used to be below 1 if you miscounted you went from 1 to N

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    try rocking it forward while shifting and check ur oil if your low this will make it hard also\

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