What ever happened to Todd Bentley?

The last time I asked a question about the so-called "lakeland revival" , my question was taken down. Let's see if this stays up.

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    On 9 July 2008 ABC News' Nightline broadcast an investigative report on Bentley focusing on his faith healing claims, finances, and criminal past. Following the report, Bentley took time off from the revival but returned on 18 July 2008. Five days later, Bentley and Strader announced that Bentley would be leaving the revival permanently and that his last day would be 23 August 2008.

    Bentley also announced his separation from his wife, Shonnah, in August 2008.


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  • farlow
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    3 years ago

    I have come out of the classic church and characteristic followed Todd noticeably heavily, our pastor went down and hung out at Lakeland to work out what's up and produce it again. the component that struck our pastor even as he became there is the shape of human beings that usual Christ as Saviour for the first time, and what percentage have come out of a existence of drugs and abuse and turn to Jesus. i do not comprehend what different gospel you're relating. i'm able to't see any distinction between the Luther gospel of being kept by using grace by the finished artwork on the pass, and Todd's gospel that Jesus died to forgive your sins, God loves you and want you to be healed and also you should do nicely to get bammed like they did in the better room.. He purely talks to a special era and a special lifestyle. The saddest component that i opt to rigidity is that the church is in common words military in the global who has a brigade waiting for the adult men at the front line to get wounded, and then they rush over and shoot him again. Todd is a wounded soldier. devil laughs even as he wins a conflict. Todd desires prayer and restore. i do not comprehend if he will upward push again, or if his adversaries in the church (there is in common words one church) will enable it. i'm in awe of ways God has used Todd, and how extreme his obedience has been. God loves Todd, and so do I. Angels have ministered to human beings by the be conscious. HEB a million:14 are literally not all angels ministering spirits despatched to serve those who will inherit salvation? i have not heard Todd say that wer are required to position self assurance in them. I position self assurance in God, and if he makes use of a ministering angel to finish His applications, i'm not gonnah be indignant. Todd's important doctrines are "Bang on". all of us have peripheral doctrines that we carry on to make sparkling issues that confuse us. To open one in all those peripheral doctrines, i am going to lift the Trinity, a be conscious that you'll not discover in the Bible everywhere! yet some denominations carry onto certain factors of the Trinity with tenacity! I say who cares. I pontificate Christ crucified and resurected for the forgiveness of sin so as that i'm able to stay in suitable relationship with my God. Who cares about doctrines of the Trinity, or if we prefer to position self assurance in ministering angels. it really is all sturdy if it really is in the be conscious. If it really is not in the be conscious or does not contradict the be conscious, knock your self out. Be Blessed, Brian ; )

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