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Anyone live in Chicago/or Chicago suburbs? Thinking of moving there- looking for info!?

So, my boyfriend and I are thinking of moving out to Chicago next year. He lived there for nearly a year in 2006 and really fell in love with the city. He assures me I will like it but I was just wondering if there is any advice or information that anyone who has lived there can tell me.

I've done some internet searching but was hoping for some more personal statements on here... Please let me know, I'm interested in the apartment complexes/townhouses, restaurants, diversity, crime, schools (both university and public elementary/middle/high), public transportation and just the over all feel...

I've lived in South Jersey my whole life, so I have a feeling this will be a HUGE move for me...

Thanks in advance

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    Chicago is huge, that's a lot of info to cover. I mean a lot.

    My advice would be to come out to Chicago. Rent an apartment here for two years on the Northside of the city...that will give you a year to get used to your surrounding and another year to see if you really would like to live here.

    One user touched on it, but the best way to describe Chicago is a more compact NYC. The biggest difference is that Chicago has a pretty large downtown, skyscraper business district...but then the rest of the city is neighborhoods with multifamily apartments/homes. Oh and Chicago is way more clean than NYC, but has just as much going on even during our dreaded winter.

    It would probably help to know your situation as well because youre asking some questions that sound like you and your boyfriend want to go come to Chicago to go to college and hang out...and then you're asking about elementary/middle/high school like you may have a kid or are just maybe planning to have kids in the future and settle down in Chicago...

    There's a lot more to consider about Chicago if youalready have a kid or are expecting. Believe me, I've lived here forever and you know...sometimes having a kid and living in a trendy Northside neighborhood doesn't work out too well for a million reasons. When I got married a few years ago all of my friends were living in tiny Northside apartments hanging out while we found a nice big house on the Southwest side in a good school district.

  • Parts of Chicago are really nice, however, you may want to look at the suburbs for cheaper rent, however, you will need a car. If you are willing to live about 1/2 hour from the city look at Naperville, Wheaton, St. Charles for apartments. Approx 1000.00 for a NICE apartment in the suburbs, same price for an okay place in the city.

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    I was in Chicago from 9/14/08 - 9/16/08 to do a taping of the Jerry Springer show. We traveled around the city in cabs, escalades and limos but I have to say it was very scary being in the cabs they drive really fast nearly hitting pedestrians and other cars. The crime isn't bad if you live in Downtown Chicago, there are a lot of patroling officers there so you don't have to worry about that. Restaurants are great there!!! They have a real good one called House Of Blues!! I think if you don't mind a lot of noise you would be okay to move there. I can tell you that most of the buildings there are sound proof and of course we were staying in the Hampton Suites hotel and we didnt hear anything from our room but once you step outside it's very overwhelming to hear all the noise from the streets. At night its safe to walk the streets of Downtown Chicago and most of the restaurants are open late!! Good Luck on your move! A good place to visit would be Millenieum Park in Downtown they have the coolest things there!! As a matter of fact I have pictures of everything we saw there and you would really love it!! Not only that but most people like the perks that living in Chicago they can go to every single taping of shows like Jerry Springer and Judge Mathis.. most of the time the one's in Chicago get the tickets first b/c they know its walking distance most of the time.

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    Dupage County - Lombard, Wheaton, Glen Elly, Addison, Naperville, Lisle, Downers Grove area. Great schools, great malls, friendly neighborhoods. Decent distance from the city. You get all the excitement of downtown, but without the constant honking of taxi drivers.

    You can go to http://dupageco.org/ and read about the county.

    Apartment complex choice really is based on your preference. So I guess apartments.com will help.

    Good luck!

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    Chicago is awesome...I lived Northside...15 blocks north from Sears Tower. Addison St. 5 blocks west of Wrigley field. Don't miss the fine dining 97th floor atop the Hancock building

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      I love Chicago and I know of no better place to live in so I will keep my bonds there.

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    I have lived here for a month downtown. There are a lot of homeless here and annoying people giving out flyers. But I think that might be a summer thing. It doesn't seem like a very big city to me. The subways are ok but they require a lot of waiting. Everyone rides bicycles. Everyone smokes.

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    If you want suburbs definitely go with the Northern Suburbs they are much cleaner, nice, bigger lots, nicer people, and nice shops.

    If you want to live in the city it is very nice! but very expensive and the prices keep going up.

    Do not move to the southern suburbs

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    it's a big city like NY only somewhat smaller. getting used to it is the key. no different really.

    chloe is FOS because the northside is snooty wannabe students.

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    some nice places are oak park,pilsen(may involve some gang)and river park

    some enjoyable store i recomend from pilsen are jewel,walgreens,petes fresh market,target

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    If you can afford it, all I can say is




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