first time pregnancy...any good tips or advice?

im 19 and 33 weeks pregnant with my first, a little boy <3 I dont have anyone in my family to turn there any good advice or tips I should know about to help me along the way?


no the father isn't in the picture. he left once he found out. my mother is in prison. my dad took off before i was born. my grandma died and i have no siblings. therefor i have no one to turn too.

Update 2:

I was going to take child birth classes but where I live they cost $50 which I think is rediculous. I'm doing this all alone and would rather spend $50 on diapers than a class. my son needs more stuff than me..that's just the way I look at it.

you've all been so helpful and I appreciate it alot!

thank you <3

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    Congrats mama! I was your age when i had my little boy who is a big boy now at 9 months this week ;) you think you know love but once he is in your arms the world changes and i know i sound sappy but there is no other way to explain it.

    Regarding your birth remember you might be young but its your body your birth and your experience bringing you into motherhood enjoy it, i had 100% natural its not as bad as everyone tells you. Read Gentle Birth Choice its an eye opener.

    And have fun enjoy a few bubble baths and quiet time because believe me you wont have that again till he is 18 haha

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  • 1 decade ago

    Things that I found helpful during the last few weeks of pregnancy...

    - Take lots of pictures

    - Make a belly cast

    - Ask a friend or family member to organize a "food train" where a different person comes and brings you food everyday or every other day for at least a week after the baby is born. (it's so hard to take care of a newborn and make dinner at the same time).

    - It's not too late to try practicing hypnobirthing techniques. I used hypnobirthing to help me with my second labor and it was amazing.

    - Attend a LLL (La Leche League) meeting to help answer all of your breastfeeding questions.

    Things that I found helpful during labor:

    - Make a good, relaxing, encouraging music list to listen to during labor.

    - Believe in your body and it's ability to birth a child naturally and safely.

    - Stay focused and calm. Stay reassured that your body was made to birth a child and you will do awesome.

    - Don't be afraid to speak up and stand up for what you want. Don't let the nurses or doctors tell you what to do. Don't push if you don't feel like pushing, don't take the meds if you don't feel you need them. Stay strong and listen to your body. If you need to labor in a different position, don't let the nurses tell you you can' can do what ever you want.

    Once the baby is here:

    - Make sure you've stocked up on food and hydrating beverages.

    - Make sure to have some lanolin on hand for sore nipples, also breastfeeding pads to control your leaking boobs.

    - Nursing tank tops are priceless and sooooo comfortable, especially the longer ones that will cover your deflated tummy.

    -Talk to a lactation consultant if you have any breastfeeding concerns.

    -Attend La Leche League meetings regularly to meet up with other breastfeeding mamas.

    -Find a good Mom's group in your area so you can get out with the baby for regular playdates and adult conversation.

    -Make sure you have a good sling and a couple different types of baby carriers...and never leave home without them! Check out for more info on different carriers.

    -Take time for yourself. Accept all the help you can get. Call someone to hold the baby while you take a long bubble bath all by yourself if you need.

    - Be prepared for a major hormonal melt down a few days after the baby is born, it's totally normal, your body is releasing all the crazy pregnancy hormones and it's hard to deal's like PMS times a thousand.

    -Take care of yourself, and be aware of any strange shifts in your emotional state, post partum depression is a common occurance, seek help right away if you think something might be going on with you.

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    Well, when i was pregnant with my first i was 18 and I was alone threw it cause i wouldn't tell my parents i was pregnant cause i was scared. But one of the things i did to help me prepare for what to expect in a delivery room was I took birthing classes and there you meet other parents and the instructor tells you everything you need to know and teaches you how to breath threw contractions. You can also ask the instructor anything you want and she will answer them for you. you can even ask your primary doctor any questions you may have as well. But when I went into labor I loved going into the whirl pool. Its really nice having those jets hitting your lower back and lower abdoman. its very relaxing. Also I will be honest and won't lie the contractions are very painful and they get worse as labor progresses. But I got the epidural with my 1st and 3rd son my 2nd son i didn't get one cause my labor when to fast and i didn't get time to get the epidural or any pain meds.

    But sense your so close to having baby I would do lots of walking and get lots of rest cause your going to need it when you have baby. I will give you some websites to check out if you want to ok. Good luck and I hope everything goes good for you and baby. You will do great and you will be a wonderful mother and congrats!!!

    Source(s): mother of 3 boys and pregnant with my 4th child. Due mid-December!!!
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    is the father in the picture? why dont you have anyone in your family to turn to? i was 18 when i had my son and i had alot of support. just relax these last few weeks. i think everyone will come around once the baby was born. reading pregnancy magazines and books always relaxed me. congrats!

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    Hi Sweetie! Congratulations!

    The best advice I can give you is EDUCATE YOURSELF! Reading about pregnancy, from books and websites, will give you a wealth of knowledge.... and knowledge pushes out the fear! :)

    Everyone usually wants to fill your head with their 'horror stories' and 'worries' about pregnancy and childbirth; but believe me, it is in your best interest to push all those aside and don't even listen to them!

    Enjoy every minute of this... because it all goes by so fast.... and then our children grow up so fast.... it ends up being like a blurr.

    Know your rights and choices, and don't let fear dictate your decisions. Here are some great websites you might want to check out that can answer some of your questions and concerns....

    Hope some of this helps. YOU CAN DO IT!!! :)

    Good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Try to relax as much as possible before bub is born because you will be sleep deprived once he is here =] If you are looking to kill some time try washing all of your baby clothes, bottles, taking walks, filling out a baby book/diary, watching movies etc.

    Good luck xx

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  • Sounds like your almost finished and figured it out up to here. Just get lots of sleep and enjoy the end of it...I'm trying but its hard. Use lots of pillows to help you sleep. Walk lots.

    Source(s): 39 weeks
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    1 decade ago

    im 19 and 39 weeks! with my 1st as well just with a girl!!

    But get lots of sleep as much as you can. warm baths help with your back and legs. CONGRATS-SSS

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