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a question about the "man jewels"?

is it normal for the penis head or glands to appear bumpy when its erected? or should i be worrying about it? it appears to be normal when erected but when more blood comes in, it appears bumpy, does anyone else experience this? i hope its normal

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    You haven't said whereabouts on your glans this actually is, ie at the base, around the shaft area, on the top, underside or whatever. However, under normal circumstances the glans should be smooth, however unless these are painful or there are abnormal discharges it wouldn't necessarily pose a problem, unless these bumps appear "outside" on top of your glans - in which case these may well be cysts. However, I am assuming the bumps you are describing are not "attached" on the glans, so therefore I wouldn't worry too much. It could well be circumcision damage as the other poster has said - and damage from this can't always be apparent until later in life.

    Jason, RN

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    should be smooth when erect, might be circumcision damage if you are cut

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    uh im a girl...............yea

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