Where can I get free insulin?

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    You should contact the manufacturing companies directly. Most pharmaceutical companies have programs to supply low-cost or free medications to people in financial need.

    Ask your doctor to talk with the company's Representative when he visits the doctor office, or contact the company directly through the internet

    The Number One manufacturer of insulin is Eli Lilly.

    The Number Two is NorvoDisk.

    Lantus is made by Aventis.

    You can look the companies up on the internet.

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    alot of the pharmaceutical companies have patient assistance programs . I have heard of some ppl using them but you have to have a certain income to qualify . I know i tried and my husband make a dollar too much for us to qualify and the forms were very complicated . so my solution was to go to a wal mart and buy the reli on insulin and there syringes . It is a temporary solution to the problem . good luck . hey jill b i want to know where you live so I can move there and get my insulin for free . Yeah right !

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    I know Lilly has a free insulin program.


    I'm not sure about the other insulin manufacturers.

    Also check around and see if your area has a free clinic. Sometimes they are not well known, since they can't really spend money on advertising. I know Cleveland has one, if you live nearby.

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    Insulin is free to all diabetics.

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      Explain where it is free and how to get it

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    If you are diabetic you and can't get Insulin you can check with your MD and see if they have samples, or call the pharmaceutical co. and see if they can help some do of you can't afford it. also try the american diabetic association and they might be able to help

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    frww inaulin in ge Wooster, area

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