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What is Obama's view of America being allies with Israel and of Iran's nuclear program?

I have heard a lot of information about what Obama wants to accomplish with our international relations, but I don't recall any word on how Obama feels about the alliance between the United States and Israel, or how he feels about Iran's nuclear ambitions. Can anyone give me any information on this?

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    Obama supports Israel. Do you know how huge a lobbying block they are? No candidate can do otherwise. That's like running for office and professing love for Castro. Won't happen.

    During the 1st Presidential debate, he and McCain argued over how to handle Iran. McCain did not support talks without preconditions. Obama supported talks with no preconditions. Both want to do what is necessary to bring Iran's nuclear program to a halt.

    You don't hear much about the US trying to halt Iran's nuclear program anymore these days because a deal has been cut with the Iranians to help stop the Mahdi army from attacking the US in Iraq. Iran has done this temporarily. Iran holds great sway over many militias in Iraq as they do Hezbollah. If you look closer into the surge, you'll find that it's not working the way people think it is. How could violence have dropped so quickly during an election year?? Watch the news as the election passes and monitor the violence level in Iraq. A new general and an additional 20 thousand troops does little more than make headlines. Real changes occurs due to the regional forces that have real intelligence and mass support.

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    Obama has said MANY times

    Iran must NOT be allowed to become a nuclear armed nation

    SDEROT, Israel - U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama said on Wednesday a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a "grave threat" to the world.

    Obama told reporters during a visit to Israel that if elected, he would take "no options off the table" in dealing with the Iran issue and said tougher sanctions could be imposed.

    "A nuclear Iran would pose a grave threat and the world must prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon," Obama told reporters

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