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Who do you like more as talk radio host?

Rush Limbaugh.Sean Hannity,Michael Savage, or Neal Boortz? Personally I like Boortz the most.


Yea Levin may be ok I cant take the sound of his voice to listen to a lot of his show.

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    I listen to Rush, Savage and Tom Sullivan. Tom because he used to be based in Sacramento where I live., Yes, I know, it's the land of fruits and NUTS.

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    Savage! You KNOW where he stands and why. You may not agree with him, but you know where he's coming from. Rush tells you like it is, as he sees it, and that's it. Bill "I could be wrong" O'Reilly qualifies everything he says with his "I could be wrong" disclaimer.

    Neal Bortz is a close second to Savage. He is the most interllectual of the group. But he is too "nice."

    Savage is savage. He tries to cram his views down youtr throat. He gives me a reason to disagree with him, which I seldom do.

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    Bill O'Reilly is my fave. I also like Rush and Savage. Mark Levin is pretty good. True, his voice is annoying but he's pretty sharp and he loves animals (very important to me).

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    Rush is King, he single handedly evened the media playing field. Even though the liberals control almost all of the print and television media , Rush still overpowers them with his radio show.

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    I'm not crazy about any of them but I do like me some No Spin with O'Reilly and Glenn Beck makes me laugh...sick and twisted freak that he is.

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    Is that you, Neil Boortz?

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