Which is the female red wag platy?

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i have 2 of them 1 is light orange and the other is dark red.the orange one have a big belly that looks like it haves egg in side it.the orange one is slight light lager then the dark ...show more
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There are many ways to sex a Platy (these sexing methods, by the way, can be applied to all livebearers), but there are two that are more widely used than others. The first method is to observe the shape of the Platy, Females will be longer, and also have wider stomachs (even when not pregnant) than males. The second method (and most accurate) involves observing the three fins on the underbelly of the fish. Female Platy's will have three almost identical fins, two a little further up the belly (closer to the front) than the rear, and with a male, the two frontal fins will be the same, but the aft fin will be much smaller, and pointed.
I got this info from:
There are also drawings to show the difference.


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  • meatismurder90 answered 6 years ago
    Look at the anal find of your fish. Females have fan shaped ones and males have a pointed, arrow shaped one.
    Try googleing platy breeding for picuters.
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  • Some1 who loves BETTAS!! answered 6 years ago
    I agree with cave gal, but you should have 2 female for every male, b/c the males always chase the females wanting to mate, and if there are not more females, it could stress the female, even to death.
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  • civilwar1263 answered 6 years ago
    well the orange one is the girl
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  • ckgirl14 answered 6 years ago
    we need photos to see
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