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How to dress like Alice Cullen?

I was thinking that for the movie premiere of "Twilight" in November, I would dress up as one of the characters and I really want to go as Alice Cullen.

But I was wondering, how could I dress like Alice? She has all this awesome clothes. What stores do you think I should go to and what kind of clothes do you think Alice would wear?


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    Wear something similar to what is mentioned in the book. Here are ideas :)

    - Sequined tank top and red leather pants (The outfit she wore in Eclipse page 366)

    - a black satin dress with geometric cutouts that bare large triangles (The dress she wore in the prom in eclipse) You can find a pic of it on this link:

    And carry a designer bag like louis vuitton or chanel :) (The cullens wear designer labels hinted in Twilight)

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    To dress like Alice Cullen would be fun =]

    She LOVES fashion, so you'll need fancy clothes. As long as you don't wear a T-shirt and jeans, I think you'll be fine ;)

    Make sure you have that short, black, spiky hair and the gold or black eyes (contacts)

    Make sure you look kind of pale/white-ish

    HAVE FUN! =]

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    Hi there,

    Well, as you may probably know already, the Cullens have plenty of money.

    I think you should wear some gray/ash slacks, heels, a pretty blouse, and some earrings. Wear a silver charm bracelet and charm necklace. You will look amazing. Here's more info:

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    Hope this helps!

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    This is a question for a FANSITE.

    This is a book forum, your question does not relate to the book directly.

    You'll get better, more enthusiastic answers from a fansite too.

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