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is this good enough to get into these colleges?

as a pitcher i'm 6'3 and lanky, i throw 87+ mph with movement and i throw a good mix of offspeed, and i'm aiming for a 3.3 gpa and a SAT score over 1200 can i get into any of these colleges?

- clemson

- louisville

- long beach state

- michigan state

- oregon state

- tennessee


- arizona state

i wanna play baseball in a good college and i'm wondering what my grades and pitching has to be like to get into them. i already play for a travel team that travels regularly. i already know my grades won't be good enough for UNC, UCLA, etc so thats why i chose the ones listed above. i'm looking for a D1 or a junior college if worst comes to worst.

i'm not bragging or anything, i'm not even that amazing, i just wanna know what it takes for those specific colleges. so please don't write hate messages.

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    I actually played at Clemson in the 90's and Jack Leggett prefers guys who throw harder. Unless you are lefty. But again, just giving stats doesn't help anything. To truely know if you have a chance, someone would have to see you play. Your grades are certainly good enough for these schools. You probably can play at Louisville, Michigan State and a few of the others...but without actually seeing you play, there is no way to give an honest answer.

    A guy can throw 95 and have no clue where it's going...doesn't make him college material.

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    My friend has had all three of his older brothers get drafted. one for short and two for pitching. His youngest older brother just got drafted this year out of high school. He throws a hell of a slider a really good chang-up and a steaming fastball. He threw three no hitters in his junior year. His grades were really good. he had a 4.0 and he had scouts from just about evry team going to his house.

    I talked to him every day for advice and he was telling me to stay local until i am a junior in cloolege. Only two people that went to a D1 school last year played as a freshman most of the other people were red shirted until someone got hurt or they were just killing a team. If you want to start once you get to college i would maybe go to a community college for one year or try to get an oppointment with the college baseball coach or someone in charge who can give you more information on the roster and stuff.

    Good luck.

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    Did you think the answer would somehow be different if you posted the same question again? If so, perhaps you aren't bright enough to get into college.

    Are you asking whether you will be accepted as a student at those schools or whether those schools will want you as a student-athlete?

    Of course you can get into those schools as a student. That shouldn't be much of a problem. But as a student-athlete? No one here can tell you that. How would any of us know? We haven't seen you play.

    So what if you can throw 87 mph. That means nothing if it's straight and you can't throw anything else effectively. I've umpired kids who blew everyone away in high school and Legion ball throwing that fast but who went on to get creamed in Division I.

  • arizona state is really easy to get into and have one of the best baseball programs in the county

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    didn't you just ask this a couple hours ago, and were told (or should've been told) something to the effect of "there's no way to tell based solely on what you can put in a couple hundred words in Yahoo answers"

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    go to a junior college! you might be good enough!

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