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The End Of Humanity~How It Will Happen?

The End Of The World is inevitable, that is true and always will be true, but the End of Humanity is different. If you know about the White Man's Burden, then surely you will know about the Human's Burden. Us humans, perhaps the smarted living organisms on the earth (maybe, except republicans), we have a job and role in life and that is to change the world. Dolphins are not going to change the world, neither are elephants nor trees. Us humans are the only of Earth's species to develop Unlimited Knowledge. Why is that? Is the world such an odd place that only ONE out of millions of species of animals will gain suprerior knowledge? Our minds are our power and we use them to shape our world and perhaps in the future, other worlds as well.

Back on topic. The End of Humanity is the day God is proven non-existant. Nearly all of the people of earth have set their mind on believing that some super-natural being created the world and governs it. Science is always disproving this and made the Big Bang theory to counter this. The Big Bang theory is still a work in progress and people have still yet to find the reason what caused the creation of the universe.

Many people will try to deny the existence of a God and many people will continue their blind faith of a suprerior being. Almost everyone in the world is brainwashed by the Idea of Religion. Religion makes people go. Religion is the ultimate question. What will happen when Religion is stripped from humanity? This will happen sooner or later... if we aren't killed off by a super-virus or nuclear war first. it is inevitable.

Many people have said to me when I asked the question "If God is the Creator, Who Created the Creator?"

"Don't think about it, because it is uncomprehendable."

"Just believe it. Don't try to wrap your brain around it"

"I Don't Know, you shouldn't either"

Why must you continue to deny yourself the right to think? We humans, we are born thinkers and to deny us to think would make us less intelligent than our predecessors, the monkeys. There must ALWAYS be an answer and Humans will ALWAYS try to find one. This is the burden of Man: Curiosity.

As long as we aren't brain-dead, this will always remain in our minds, no matter how hard we try to rid of it.

Now with the Atom Collider, Humanity is one step closer to finding out the ulimate answer (which isn't 42 btw), so how long before we finally reach our destination?

This question is not about my opinions nor my thoughts. I ask of everyone who is reading this to give me an answer and try to think hard before you do:

Must God Exist To Prevent Humanity From Collapsing?

Religion was created to substitute as an answer to everything, and now with science, the idea of Religion is nearing an end.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.


You can call me Michael

Update 2:

Frozen, am I too deep in thought or have I not thought about this enough? You've changed your answer twice already

Update 3:

Pluto, it's better to talk about the future so you can better prepare for it, ie: Hurricane Katrina.

Update 4:

Sylph, your reasoning doesn't prove god exists. What makes you sure that we are the only universe in...well, there is no greater word than universe, so ill just say entity. You cannot just believe something to be true without first giving a reason why you think it is true and how the thing came to be true. God might or might have created the universe, OR something beyond our universe, which is not God, created our universe. This never-ending cycle will continue to the reaches of our universe and when we find no God in our universe, that will be the end for us.

I believe God is needed to maintain world stability, no matter how ridiculous the idea of religion.

Update 5:

Frozen, BTW, what makes your books holy? Why isn't newton's law book of physics holy, after all, it is recognized by man as fact worldwide, just like the bible?

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    one cannot answer the question "If God is the Creator, then who created the Creator?" simply because God is the beginning of everything. There's no one who created Him and nothing ever existed before Him. "before Him" did not even exist at all.

    and God is not there nor did he send His Son Jesus Christ to necessarily fix this world and make it a better place. No, that's not just it.

    He sent Jesus to save humanity from eternal punishment, which is Hell, and which is true. He sent us Jesus to offer us the gift of eternal salvation

    well then, "how do you know there is a God?"

    okay then. look at your computer. did it build itself on its own or magically appear at your desk or on the place where you bought it?

    No, manufacturers create the parts and people assemble them to create a personal computer.

    next, look at your house. did trees just cut themselves into pieces of wood and assembled themselves into a house?

    No, people cut those trees and cut them and nailed them to each other to erect your house.

    well then, look at the world. the universe. did it just form out of atoms that exploded millions of years ago? where did that atom even come from? how can it explode without any force that would make it do so?

    No, there are people that assembled your computer and erected your house. then there has to be a God that created the universe and life.

    even without the Bible one can prove that God exists through reasoning.

    do you have an open mind? i suggest that you please watch this video then:

    also, please go through this: it may not be what you think, so please finish it before you say "oh this is one of those Christian hypocrites' propaganda to bring men into their religion."

    i dont even call it a religion. being saved by Jesus is not a religion. religion is just a set of dogmas and traditions, which you can see in today's world religions, including fake and hypocritical Christianity.

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    hmmmm ... Michael, seems that you have given this topic a great deal of thought, and although your theory is interesting, i can't help but think that maybe you have thought too hard and in doing so you have gone too deep into circular thoughts that go round and round ...

    I believe that faith is a key to keeping a certain amount of peace, a lot of people seem to fear God's wrath and their eternal punishment in the deep confines of Hell, so they watch their behavior. imagine if there was no such concept- i believe chaos would ensue as a result.

    you talk about 'The Big Bang' but why is it not possible for God to have created it so that we would find out about it and try to disprove his existance, after all - maybe we were created for God's amusement.

    Science and Religion can exist side-by-side, it's not impossible, after all many things are there in the Holy Books, and all we have to do is read, REALLY READ, not just normal reading but go deep into the meanings, the little details, and you'll be surprised by what you will find there - things that scientists are only just finding out, and the reason why we never saw it there before is because we didn't know what we were looking for while reading, but seeing as now we know, it is easy to make a connection between what is in the Holy Books and what we are only just discovering ...

    'who created the creator?' that is a circular thought, because who-ever created HIM would have to have been 'created' and so it goes on ... chicken & egg dilemma but on a much larger scale ...

    i hope this has answered your question, i have so much more to add, b ut i really have to dash ... hope this will be sufficient

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    It really is sad. So many are brainwashed in their religion. They believe in this god or that god. They believe in the Big Bang and what not. There is a God. It is the God of the Bible. If you have truly studied the Bible you would see that it is true in what it says. If you truly studied the Big Bang (which you can't) you would quickly realize the impossibility of that theory.

    By the way, scientists from various disciplines generally set their "Impossibility Standard" at one chance in 10 to the 50th power (1 in a 100,000 billion, billion, billion, billion, billion).

    Sir Fred Hoyle, a popular agnostic who wrote Evolution from Space (1981), proposed that such odds were one chance in 10 to the 40,000th power ("the same as the probability that a tornado sweeping through a junkyard could assemble a 747"). Wow that's interesting. Isn't it?

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    I don't know about the End of Humanity, but perhaps it will happen the day that either the Roswell Conspiracy Theorists can be proven correct, or the day that the mother-ship lands and the little green men pop out. Some sort of of proof that we are not alone in this huge universe.

    Perhaps something like that would enhance humanity though?

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    That depends on how you define "humanity". One could just as easily argue that religion in the hands of ultra-conservatives could deprive us of our humanity by encouraging prejudice, intolerance, and the destruction of our natural habitat. I don't agree that it's our job to change the planet. I say the less damage we do, the better. If our eventual extinction is inevitable, we shouldn't leave the planet uninhabitable for any other form of life other than bacteria and cockroaches.

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    yeah. wasted 25 years on this one question

    on one hand is monumental evidence for intelligent

    programming, destiny, supernatural order.....

    on the other hand,

    overwhelming support for random mutations and

    pointless increase of complexity...

    and i still can't make up my mind:

    Is it God, or luck...?

    I don't know, and neither will anyone else.

    Don't ever get bullied into picking sides.

    The only thing I know for certain, is that

    I HAVE a choice. That fact, this little ability

    to decide, is my only power, and I will

    retain it.

    Aware of all the facts of science and all the

    beauty of faith, I will still refuse to render a


    Living on this ledge can become quite comfortable.

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    We will be put in a situation where we think we have the right man in power some of us who know better will not have any choice but to accept him. But he will bring about the beginning of the end.

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    Humans will destroy the world and us somehow cause of there love for destruction and really big :P

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    Hi michael

    why don't you wait and see?

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