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Morning Erections after Circumcision?

I had a circumcision 3 days ago and know I need to control my morning erections. I'm waking up heaps to control them. Does anyone have any suggestions for stopping these erections?


Serious answers please, I really don't think it's worth killing myself over!! Am 33, was worth doing but don't want to split the stitches... and it hurts to get an erection at the mo!

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    since morning erection are caused by your sleep cycle, REM sleep, i doubt if there is a lot you can do about them

    men get erections about every 90 minutes during sleep and is not a controllable response

    i think you need to discuss this with your urologist

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    ok, i m a 18 year old boy n i had circumcised at 17.

    well, it is a pain in the neck, coz the erection will makes u painful.

    Firstly, take the pain reliever pescribed by ur doctor. Erection at morning time is a natural body action, therefore, wat u need to do is to get down from the bed n walk around, tis will makes ur body to concentrate on walking bt nt erecting. never think about sex tat will stimulate erection n no mastubration during tis period.

    mayb tis symptoms will stay for one or two weeks(mine is 2 weeks), then u will back to normal.

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    Try an ice pack. it will also keep the swelling down. When you do get an erection try and urinate, this will sometimes make the erection subside. your stitches should come out or dissolve in ten to twelve days. make sure you have whoever did the procedure remove the stitches or if they are dissolvable any remnants that are left in order to prevent tunnel marks. You can get more info at the support group below.

    hope this helps.

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    You can't stop them =/ Im sorry but you can't

    Actually I was talking to this guy once, and he said that he had a rash on his penis and he put Neosporin WITH the pain killer on it and it prevented him from getting an erection. Maybe you could try that and see if that works. It might help out a lot. So go try it. And if it works email me and let me know. It would be a good thing to use at school when you get one of those unwanted ones lol


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    I had the same problem all you can do is use a ice pack first thing in the morning until it heals.Try and have one of those freezer type bags placed at your bed before you go to sleep. Good Luck.

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    Put a pail of cold water next to your bed and drop your hand into at the first sign of an erection.

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    Have you asked your doctor? Maybe there's some sort of topical ointment/numbing cream that would help, or something to deal with blood pressure that would act like a reverse-Viagra until you heal. Other than that, go to bed dreaming of Janet Reno. (Sorry, was that not serious?)

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    I was circumcised at 18 and that is part of the course. Have an ice pack handy, it works well to get it down. Also to keep the swelling down!

    Welcome to the club! I am sure you and your partners will enjoy your new designer penis!

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    Try to urinate before bed, don't consume any fluid an hour before sleep, wake up once through the night to urinate, and that should help.

    Ask your doctor.

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