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Hey R & P what do you think of this line up for a soundtrack for a movie I've thought about directing?

Hey R & P what do you think of this line up of music acts from the era it happened for a soundtrack for a movie I've thought about directing? I thought about directing a movie about a girl who got kidnapped by sort of revolutionaries called the SLA in the 70's who kidnapped a famous girl who's an actress now--what do you think of this line up fitting the political radical mood around at that time when this happened--Captain Beefheart, Iggy & the Stooges, Frank Zappa, New York Dolls, Suicide, Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, Television, Can, Hawkwind, Last Poets, Dolemite, Parliament, Stillettos, Alice Cooper, Roxy Music, Sweet, Big Star, Link Wray, John Lennon, David Bowie, Blieb Alien Blieb, Slade, Red Crayola/Krayola, Patti Smith, Ramones, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan & The Kinks?


By the way the woman I'm talking about who was famous who was kidnapped was the daughter of a rich press media mogul & her name was Patty Hearst.

Update 2:

Any suggestions of which songs by these artists would probably fit certain scenes in a flic like this like the bank robberies & the Feds "liberating" her?

Update 3:

I kinda suck at some things Migh, but I thought about getting better at things I like, but I geuss everybody starts out that way & another reason for me to finish school with college, but I was interested in so many things from science to art, I don't know how as just a human being I can accomplish everything I'd like to do in just 1 human lifetime. I thought of an idea of big things in music & media, that both Stiv Bators & Perry Farrell thought of but gave up on too easily when they were getting so close to the idea.

Update 4:

Not bad ideas Migh but I'm thinking of trying to have these artist early songs as close as I can to the timeline these events occurred too, sort of like Quentin Tarantino or Spike Lee putting some attention to detail, but maybe it won't be too off if the song fits. Yep, Green Eye I know about the Citizen Kane relevance to their family, but I'm not out to tick off Patty either, I don't think her family was fond of Citizen Kane. Before I forget, yeah James I mentioned Sweet already, but you have a point. Ohio Players was around then & so was Earth Wind & Fire & T-Rex too. I almost forgot Sly & the Family Stone & the Residents also too.

Update 5:

Lots of great suggestions, Beatle Fanatic good others ones too like others, although of CSNY, especially Neil Young would pertain cause of the radical nature of the Story.

Update 6:

It occurred to me, maybe I should have Rush in the soundtrack too.

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    As soon as I started reading that I knew you were talking about Patty Hearst. I remember that time very well.

    That's a great lineup of artists for that soundtrack. Some others you might think of adding that were radical during that time period were CSNY, Joan Baez, and Cat Stevens.

    As for picking songs maybe these would fit well:

    Helpless - CSNY

    Running Gun Blues - David Bowie

    Search & Destroy - Iggy Pop

    Escape - Alice Cooper

    The Thrill of it All - Roxy Music

    Fox on the Run - Sweet

    Children of the Revolution - Patti Smith

    Attica State - John Lennon

    Tears of Rage - Bob Dylan or The Band

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    When you talk a bit about where Hearst is coming from, and show the way Hearst family became so filthy rich, don't forget to play my very favorite song by Zappa........Pojama People.......all the PP added up to his wealth while reading his mediocre newspapers. Don't forget to put some images of the movie Citizen Cane...I suppose you know what I am talking about right?

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    Youtube thumbnail

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    Add some more funk and glam rock:

    Ohio Players

    Earth Wind and Fire


    T Rex

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    i'd buy it just to check out the bands i don't know... last poets, dolemite, stilletos, blieb alien blieb, red crayola/krayola... if they're in the same league of the other artists, should be great!

    Source(s): your idea sounds interesting! you make films? (now going to look up this patty hearst...:) ... the cab's 'nag nag nag' or suicide's 'ghost rider' are both pretty darkly upbeat... so could be good for action sequences. and the stooge's 'search and destroy'. 'frankie teardrop' for if the heroine has to suffer at all ha ha! another great one would be suicide's 'touch me' for a 'tense' atmosphere... patti smith's 'gloria' for 'freedom'... another great one (you recommended once in a q i saw...) could be 'animal boy' by the ramones for an action sequence... or even 'wart hog'... *edit* wow, that patty hearst story's fascinating! i reckon it would make a great film. do it!
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    Looks good to me.

    What an odd life she has led.

    BTW: Don't most movies have a music director?

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    Dude, so awesome I wanna cry

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