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why do self identifying right of center people brag that they don't look to sources they consider left ?

Whether or not you believe the media has a Liberal bias (It does not) shouldn't you want a full spectrum of opinion to sure up your own assessments and positions on things ?

I read the Drudge report, listen to Michael Savage, Rushed Limbaugh, Glen Beck, watch Bill O'Really, Sean Hannity and Fox Noise....


and have in fact agreed, and even changed my position on issues based on those information sources from time to time...

the word "Brainwashed" is thrown around a great deal in this room, aren't you more likely to be "Brainwashed" if you only follow one side of the bouncing ball ?

Update: are a unique fellow, we all know this.

Ruth here is a question from about 17 minutes ago, which prompted me to post this. Read the answers to the question...Lot's of Ignorant right wing braggers in there....lots;_ylt=AqrkG...

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    Who "brags" about this? Provide a source. Just because a conservative bashes the source doesn't mean he hasn't read or viewed it.

    Brainwashed is a complete failure to recognize bias. I don't see conservatives with this problem. I also rarely see conservatives defending the veracity of the media, which tells me plenty.

    I watch Katie Couric nearly every night just because I don't eat much dinner anyway.

    Source(s): LOL at your link and Libstick, that asker has me blocked, as well.
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    I consider myself a fiscal conservative leaning libertarian. I read different sources that have different views than my own. Not that I agree with them a majority of the time. It is always good to know what the opposition thinks!

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    I read Huffington Post, The New York Times, Washington Post, and watch NBC, CBS, and MSNBC, John Stewart, and Stephen Colbert, just to get the lefts new talking points. I think it's very helpful to know what the democrats will be talking about the next day, and where they derive their information. So I do like the left sources, very important to fighting the false information propaganda campaign that the democrats try to put forth.

    Edit: Thanks Buddy for the vote of confidence. I tried to go to your link but the questioner has me blocked.

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    Indeed, like you I know what my position is, but I balance it by reading newspapers that don't share my view. It rounds out the issues.

    A lot of fanatics vote and "think" (loosely) on tradition and blind principle.

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    The reason is they don't want to upset God.

    As if God put whitey in the White House.

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