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How do I make dried sage bundles??? From cutting to drying,what steps are needed to produce a tight bundle?

I will be picking wild sage and was wondering how might I create those cool little bundles of sage that people burn to cleanse the air.... What the steps involved??? Thanks for the step by step detail... Jessi

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    1) Cut the branches in the length you want your bundles to be

    2) Make sure you pick them on a dry day, before noon. If there is any moisture on the leaves, this will cause molding problems when they are bundled together. If there is any soil on the leaves, just brush it off. Never wash them

    3) lay these branches out in a shady spot for a couple of days. Bundle them before they become dry/crispy. If you bundle them while they are freshly picked the bundles will get loose once the y start to dry and decrease in volume. Tightly bundled fresh leaves may also produce mold.

    4) Gather your sage into bundles

    5) You'll need strong cotton or hemp string (stronger than sewing thread, but smaller than twine. Something the thickness of embroidery floss is good)

    6) Place the middle of the string an inch or two below the bundle tip, then wind each side of the string down the bundle. This will create a criss cross pattern down to the branch bases.

    7) tie a knot at the base, then hang to dry in a warm, dry shaded place.

    Hope that helps

    Source(s): I'm a Herbalist. This is how I make sage bundles
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    Dried Sage Bundles

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    Here you go...step by step.

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