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girl trouble aaargh!!!!!!!!!?

i got this fantastic girl who suffers from deppression and an eating dissorder who i'm totally in love with who's acting wierd she told me that i de stress her and when she's around me she's got no problems

i suffer from depression too but not as serious as her

but on saturday she broke up with me saying i'm too much stress at the moment and she's text me every day since saying that she still has feelings for me and wants to be friends i've been trying to avoid her it doesn't make sense

what the **** do i do

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    do exactly what she wants you to do it takes a lot for a girl to admit she still likes a guy but is too stressful at the moment dont let her regret it stay friends with her she obviously stil likes her so be there for her and shel be there for you

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    Be a man,try being her friend,see what happens,don't pressure her.

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    be her friend! Depression is hard, especially when both people have it.

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    Just bide your time, stay freind's, it seems she really doesn't know what she wants right now.

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