More Pop Quiz - have fun and enjoy using your memory?

1. Which well known groups parted company with their frontman and had much bigger success with his successor?
2. In the 1960s various managers had stables of acts - can you name some managers and their stables?
Update: 3. Some 1960's singers/groups were successful becuse they had great songwriters behind them - can you name the artists and the songwriters?
Update 2: 4. Ringo Starr left which group to join the Beatles and what was his occupation at the time and what happened to the group which he left.
5. Where does Pete Best live now? (I know but do you?) true lol
Update 3: Ringo was a steward on the Mersey Ferry and had a beard at the time too lol
Pete Best lives in West Derby (Liverpool) so now you know!
Dionne Warwick - Bacharach/David
Glen Campbell - Jimmy Webb
Update 5: Don Arden (Sharon Osbourne's dad managed the Small Faces and later Black Sabbath)
Update 6: The Moody Blues - Denny Laine left and was replaced by Justin Hayward and they became a huge album band.
Petula Clark - Tony Hatch
Update 8: MANAGERS
Larry Parnes managed - Joe Brown, Marty Wilde, Dickie Pride, Billy Fury, Johnny Gentle, Vince Eager, The Searchers among others.
Brian Epstein
The Beatles, Rory Storm, Cilla Black, Billy J Kramer, damn I forgot!
Update 9: + The Fourmost, The Big Three, Tommy Quickly, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Merseybeats, The Swinging Blue Jeans etc (I think).
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