is there a free pig farm management software that i can download and use?

i am starting a pig farm and i need a software to keep track of the expenses and income from its operation. thanks in advance!

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    I don't know about pig farm management specifically but there are a large number of off the shelf accounting packages that can be tailored according to your requirements.

    All businesses have the standard income, expenses, etc, that you allude to. For example, pigs could be viewed as being assets that you can sell. The feed that you purchase for them is an expense. The sale of the pigs would be the sale of goods.

    Some of the more common programs that I am aware of (available globally) are Attache, MYOB, Quicken and I know that there is one available from Microsoft. You can download trial versions of their software to see if it really meets your needs. There are usually applicaitons that are developed within your region and these may be better tailored according to your country's taxation laws, plus the support that you get may be better than that you get from a globally available product.

    Different modules can also be purchased that increase the feature set of these programes but you may not need them. For example, if you don't have staff then you would not need a comprehensive payroll system. if you don't have a point of sale system then you won't need a POS module.

    Good luck with your farm. I just bought a pie shop. :)

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    Quicken is generally the software program to do this type of thing. I got an abbreviated version for free (from Quicken) when I purchased a set of free businesscards (must pay for shipping for businesscards) from

    When you fill out the offer and make your cards, while you are checking out it offers you the limited version of Quicken for free. So your total investment will be like ten bucks. You can always use the businesscards or a magnet for your car or truck. Vistaprint is the way to go. So you won't actually have to pay and get nothing. You get the bcards (or something else small) and then get the Quicken.

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