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Writting < Neighbours and Friends >

English writting 250 words

Title : Neighbours and friends

1st paragraph : Introduction

2nd : My neighbours

3rd : My friends

4th : Ending

*Thank you =]

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    You may say that though you meet your neighbours every day, some of them are very "cool", don't even say hi to you when you meet them.

    For you friends, you can say that many of them are also your classmates. You do homework with them together, helping each other.

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    In your introduction, you can say that you want to talk about ONE bad neighbour and ONE good friend in your life.

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    In your conclusion, you can say that you hope all bad neighbours can move out soon, and more good people can become your good neighbours; and hope that you expect to know more good friends at school to enjoy your school life more.

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    改錯字: For (youR) friends, you can say that ...

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