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有趣英文簡單作句(20分) help please

1.Each group of words must be put into single sentence.The length is up to you.

2.In each group there is one Noun, Verb Adjective and Adverb.

3You may change the endings of the words to make them fit into your sentences better.

Example: Group: turkey,transfer,rusty,slowly

Sentence:Dexter slowly transferred the heavy thanksgiving turkey from his rusty shopping buggy to the trunk his car.

Groups of words:



3appointment,leap,tasty,gently 識做幾多就幾多啦 ,唔該哂>_<


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Update 2:

thonas6920都唔係幫我做ga,有冇人識得做,help please>_

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    Anna helped to fill the dog-food bowls in her practical work experience and nearly got bitten by the hungry puppy.


    The pleasure of looking after a small animal depends firmly on what you expect from the job and how careful a person you are.


    At the appointment with the vet doctor, the puppy leaped gently upon the table to eat the tasty treats.

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    1. His practical work is to nearly fill the puppy doll.

    2.His pleasure is to make china firmly and carefully until it is expected.

    3.He leaps to have an appointment which needs gentle people make tasty food and the champion will have one millon dollars.

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