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各位大大 在特務行不行這部片裡面 大概10分多鐘那邊 就是主角被老闆叫過去 主角開始想他努力減肥那邊 他划繩子拖地板或是撞牆那個笑點那邊 放的一段小配樂 剛剛翻了很多有關特務行不行的配樂 都找不到 麻煩有看過的大大們告訴我了 不是瑪丹娜的4 minutes

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    Christina Aguilera的[Ain't No Other Man]

    Just do your thang honey!

    I could feel it from the start,

    Couldn't stand to be apart.

    Something about you caught my eye,

    Something moved me deep inside!

    Don't know what you did boy but

    You had it and I've been hooked ever since.

    I told my mother, my brother, my sister and my friend

    I told the others, my lovers, both past and present tense.

    Everytime I see you everything starts making sense.

    Just do your thang honey!

    Ain't no other man, can stand up next to you

    Ain't no other man on the planet does what you do

    (what you do).

    You're the kinda guy, a girl finds in a blue moon.

    You got soul, you got class.

    You got style with your bad ass - oh yeah!

    Ain't no other man its true - all right -

    Ain't no other man but you.

    Just do your thang honey!



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