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所提出的意見被重視 英文怎麼說


所提出的意見被重視 英文怎麼說


能舉例說明嗎? 謝謝大家

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    Think highly of重視

    The supervisor thinks highly of my suggestion.


    attach importance to; pay attention to; think highly of; take sth. seriously; value.

    過分重視 lay too much stress on;

    重視人才 treasure talented people;

    重視輿論 take public opinion seriously;

    重視對婦女幹部的培養 devote much attention to the training of women cadres;

    重視新聞自由 value freedom of the press;

    他從來不重視我的話。 He never regards what I say.

    中國政府十分重視與貴國的友好合作關係。 The Chinese Government attaches great importance to friendly relations and cooperation with your country.

    他的意見一定會受到重視。 His opinion is certain to carry weight.

    我不十分重視這學說。 I do not attach much weight to the theory.

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             Proposed the opinion is taken

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