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My chances of being accepted as Quebec citizen (ex pat)?


I am an american currently attending a french-speaking university in Quebec with my partner. We are here primarily to learn french and to get a feel of the country.

He wants to go to McGill university in Montreal for his doctorate degree, while I will be finished with school after I get my first bachelor's degree. We are in our 20's and have no kids, and a decent amount of money in savings.

I am wondering, what are our chances of being accepted as Canadian, Quebecois citizens? We would like to immigrate here permanently. Our french isn't perfect, but we can surely communicate and it's getting better every day.

So...two young college graduates, both who have lived in Quebec and attended university here, one who will get a doctorate. Presently intermediate french speaking level.

I've read all about immigration on the offical website, I'm just looking for the opinion/experience of any other expats?

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    The definition of "Quebecois" is a source of debate in the province. Just be yourselves. Montreal is a great city. As for citizenship, I'd suggest starting the process as soon as possible. There's a long backlog from what I've heard. Try to find a good and honest immigration lawyer. The McGill Graduate students Association may be able to refer you to one.

    ON EDIT: Jim B. brings up some good points, and he reminded me of a couple of points to be aware of. First, (and this won't surprise you much, Jim B.) among the many areas where Quebec enjoys special status as opposed to other provinces, is immigration. You'd become citizens of Canada, but immigrating to QC is partly a provincial matter. Your wish and effort to speak and learn French is a major plus in the eyes of the QC government.

    Another possibly important point is that QC operates under Civil Law (the influence of France). The rest of North America operates under Common Law (as in Britain). A lawyer with credentials for both QC and Ontario may be the best choice.

  • Jim B
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    Firstly, if you were to be granted permanent resident status, after having been in Canada ,as students, it would be granted by the Government of Canada, not the Province of Quebec.

    And, because granting Canadian citizenship is a Federal prerogative, it has nothing at all to do with any Province. I know that some people in Quebec try to skip past that fact, but it is still ONLY a Province, not a sovereign country.

    Now, as to your chances to be granted PR status ? . I'd say very good chances, but of course you still have to apply and be accepted by Immigration Canada.. Speak to the student services office at your University about the process, and how to apply to change status, from student, to potential PR applicants.

    Jim B. Toronto.

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