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Is there anything more I could have said in my letter to the feminists ...?

who are trying to shut down miss bimbo? This is what I wrote.

"It’s come to my attention that has come under attack by your group, you who claim to be a feminist! It was my belief that feminism was about equal rights and CHOICES! Yet you call for missbimbo to be shut down, why should this site be closed just because YOU disagree with it? Oh yes I see your declarations that the site is “bad” for young girls, so I ask you now what if a Mother desired to raise her child based on these ideals? Isn’t that her right? Her choice? The site requires anyone under 18 years of age to provide a parent or guardian’s email address and then an alert is sent to said parent or guardian. It’s a parents RESPONSIBILTY to teach and mold THEIR child. If this game goes against their set of values then they can restrict THEIR child from the site! Many adult women myself included enjoy this site immensely, it’s fun, relaxing and completely entertaining, and it certainly is no more harmful to anyone than Barbie! In fact I think Barbie is 10 times worse! I’ve seen snippets of some of the emails sent by feminists against this great site and I think it is audacious! For example: “You're teaching girls that they should be someone they aren't and probably negatively affecting many girls for the rest of their lives.” How so? By playing with what amounts to a virtual doll? If the girl’s sense of self is that weak then she needs professional help ASAP! Several of you have complained about an “eating disorder feature” what eating disorder feature? She eats constantly and always wants and eats chocolate and strawberries! Yes most of the time she is to keep an ideal weight, that’s just healthy! At 5’7 127 pounds IS healthy! Seriously, you people need to get a life oh and FYI many of the bimbo players are men; should we be worried they’ll become anorexic now?


A happy Bimbo",1-miss-bimb...


Max: I did go there and I did see that.

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    You know this is very interesting. Becauce I play Miss Bimbo and I have faced many MALE bimbos as well as FEMALE bimbos of ALL ages. One thing the game does have the disclaimer for is that it does NOT condone the use of any of these bimbo "jobs" or "goals" that we have to do for our bimbos..The purchasing of money is not the only way you can gain bimbo dollars, as the dumbass must have only played it for a day. One thing that I actually think is positive is the fact that these bimbos actually have to WORK in order to make money...Work or be a gold digger hahaha....but the goals call for work..and just like in the real world, if you want something for yourself, you work for it. a previous gamer dork..I can't help but become angry at this SMALL hint of text when it comes to playing a game. If you want to properly research something, you research it to the fullest extent. Let me help this "about face" site out by actually saying what its about.

    The privacy policy as well as their terms of service give you ample amounts of warning as well as the warnings below these nip tucks and breasts implants which specifically states: "Warning : this is a virtual game and plastic surgery in real life is a serious consideration. UK law forbids breast surgery for anyone aged 18 or under. Please seek advice from friends, family or experts should you wish to discuss boob jobs or any concerns/issues raised whilst playing the Miss Bimbo game."

    The second point I Want to make is that this person has not really played the game. Seeing as how the person saw the option of supporting this game through paypal, the person PROBABLY SENT IN MONEY TO BE ABLE TO AFFORD these luxuries in the game. It's hard to get that much money in such a short time. If a Boob job or face lift was the main object of the game, then a lot of people wouldn't play this. If parents instruct their children correctly on this site, they will find that it really isnt' a danger.

    "You can even give your bimbo an eating disorder to accomplish her "goals.": No, you can't. If you starve your bimbo, it dies after a while due to neglect. You can't give your bimbo an eating disorder. You can exercise at the gym or buy an exercise bike which reduces your weight when you log on after a day, but how in the hell can you give it an eating disorder? This tells me that this person (Holly Crimmins) who has "played the game" has obviously TRIED to give it an eating disorder...Now is she the immature one or is it the pre-teen girls?

    "If I achieve these "goals," I will soon gain VIP access to new products, get a hot boyfriend, and snag a cool new job.": Yeah you gain access to clothes, a new boyfriend (If you're lucky), and a cool new job when you level up and fulfill the requirements for that level. As your level goes up, you have access to a new and better boyfriend, better jobs, and better clothes. Typical of most games, right?

    "My bimbo's goal just so happened to be to change her "drab" hairstyle and become a "popular" blonde with pigtails! ": This is the first goal on level 1...Level 1. Meaning that she didn't really PLAY this game, ignored the warnings on certain items, didn't reach the terms of service, didn't reach the privacy policy, and didn't read any of the topics in the forums which reinforce the fact that the creator as well as administration of this game does NOT condone any of these dangerous actions. I believe pre-teen girls have more common sense and maturity than this woman does, obviously.

    Source(s): Missbimbo player: Riyuki, level 9. I actually play the game and can attest to being one of the many men in the game she is referring to.
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    I'm a feminist.

    Like most feminists i was outraged by the reports of this so called bimbo website promoting eating disorders and anorexia. It was all over the news that was cashing in on young girls' low self esteem and, to me, it sounded sick and twisted.

    After having registered on and played however, i realise that the people bitching about the site have not even looked at it properly. My first reaction to the site was that it was a hilarious piss take of the superficial world we live in, but now, i just don't care because it's awesome.

    Saying that this website is sexist is as stupid as saying that video games promote gun violence (because we all know that if you're going to shoot a bunch of people after you play a game then you were a psycho to begin with).

    PLEASE, PLEASE don't lable feminists as psycho haters who don't like anything and have no sense of humour. Most of us just want gender equality and are NORMAL. Saying that all feminists are like that is just as ignorant as saying that all christians are fundamentalist bible bashers. It's just a stereotype. is a cool site and it's fun. The point is that it isn't sexist because it's not crammed down our throats. It's more important to focus on the sexism portrayed in tv commercials and the fact that, even in countries like America and Australia there is still a salary gap between men and women who do exactly the same job with the same qualifications.

    Please, feminists, we have to focus on important things. rocks.

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    I tried to answer this question, but i wrote such a rant that i saved it till later in a word document (I didnt post it)..then I went to Miss Bimbo and decided I needed to play the game myself, or else i have NO business chastizing people (as I was in my answer) for taking a side without doing their own

    What i found was ..I only have a 70 IQ! *hangs head, very very stupidly* ...and the way to increase my IQ is to do puzzles that dont make sense (spell nonexistant "words")..and then I have to kiss a bunch of strange guys in a bar, but then get told off for doing so (well what did they make me go in there and do it for then???)

    ...THEN..I had to challenge other bimbos (ouch, the first time i saw what that actually was!...and how sucky my bag looked that I picked out, no wonder I lost! rofl ...and it hurt my feelings too! ...I dont CARE if my outfit sucked and I knew it, it still made me feel inferior to be told i was a loser like that, geez!! I decided I'm obviously not emotionally fit for the harsh world of being a girl, and I fled the site for safety

    oh...did I learn anything from the experience? ...hmm, picking out clothes is hard...being compared to others is hard...and uh..i didnt really care for having to start out my new life by training to be a baker! LOL (well there were no other choices!)..and it said it was because my IQ is so very very low!!!

    I blame the school system.

    Source(s): EDIT - I did see one thing in there I thought of as told me i had to get a boyfriend and when i did, he started paying for my whole apartment for me and giving me a bunch of cash each week too. that didnt seem like a healthy notion to me I mean he wasnt even a husband, he was just a boyfriend..a newbie!!! and I'll tell ya, he was a homely goomer too, but the game told me if I wanted to get rid of him, to try for another IT WAS GONNA COST ME MONEY (yea, I thought, the money he's been giving me!! (its actually listed as my income source!! -while I'm in training as a 70 IQ baker!) I'd rather see girls brought up to beleive that independant functioning is their right, not that having a guy pay for them is their right. ..I'd also rather they were encourasged to self_actualize...develop a fulfilling career of some kind, based on their individual passions and strengths.. Having said that, though the game was very very funny! and my biggest complaint about it has nothing to do with feminism, it would be simply that i dont WANT to dye my hair green to get to level 4, I want to keep it pink!!!! ________________________________________ Hala, you wrote a great letter, and youre my favorite happy bimbo, and yes, there WAS NO encouragement to under-eat in fact it encouraged me to buy healthy food and neither over NOR under eat...whats wrong with that? Nothing. Ya know, it reminded me of a game my nephew was called a "tamagachi" or was a little "pet" you had to take care of was about the size of a zippo lighter..a little plastic video game and you had to keep it with you and take care of its needs constantly, so it wouldnt get sick and die... remember those? they were charming well, taking care of the bimbo's weight and nutrition needs and happiness level and attitude just reminded me of that thats all _____________________________________ I think those feminists should back off. To each his or her own. Why do we need a self-appointed group of miserable busy-bodies telling other people what they CANT do, just because THEY dont like it.
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    You're right, it is about choice-or so they say. There's a lot many of them do that contradicts that statement though, like how they insult women who choose to be submissive (like in the link below, I think you'll see the answer(s) I'm talking about) or something like this.;_ylt=Aj50F...

    mommysthe.boss- You just proved what I said is true. Hala says it's about choice, and you say she doesn't understand that? It's not really about choice at all then if you're to be believed.

    My apologies to those feminists who aren't like what I mentioned above, but you seem to be few and far between.

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    I couldn't agree more with what you are saying in regards to parental responsiblities.

    I do think the term "feminist" is slightly missleading.

    Most people in the 21st century are feminist-minded, meaning, women have the right to attend school, get a carreer, vote, drive, rape is socially unexceptable etc etc.. all those things support a feminist mind set though degrees of which do vary.

    A 21st century feminist would certainly support everything you have to say in this letter. Individual's rights (not strictly women's alone) feed into the modern "feminist" belief system. (Women's rights activists were often highly involved in civil rights movement due to this belief system)

    Most importantly:

    Feminists pride themselves on being progressivists.

    being progressive means you have your freedom of expression.

    and individuals have the freedom to make their own discisions, and can therefore, choose to disregard your "expression" if they please.

    in short: if you don't like what you see, simply avert your eyes.

    These people attacking your site and claiming to be feminists need to realize they are in fact, conservative, overly-protective parents, ironically, under protective at the same time.. protective enough to complain to you, but not protective enough [or maybe just lazy?] to teach their children moral values themselves. be sure to make it clear your site is for entertainment, not to raise children.

    I wish you much luck in dealing with these people.

    Hopefully you can educate them on what it means to be a feminist.

    as you said quite plainly and indeed correctly: "feminism was about equal rights and CHOICES!"

    Source(s): extensive humanities courses.
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    Oh man Hala....your ending takes the cake. hehe That is the best. I love it.

    It sounds like you stated your beliefs in a very firm manner though. Good for you for taking initiative to voice your feelings.

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    You should have went to the feminist website. On it it tells you

    "Learn how to write a great complaint letter here. "

    This is too funny.

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    Most girls sense of self is not great, all girls should get help as soon as possible, you included. If you call yourself a Happy Bimbo you should probably look up the connotations of bimbo in the dictionary.

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    You could have said, "I'm sorry that I don't really understand what feminism is." That would have been accurate.

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    You should have written "Sorry you are fat,ugly, or too short or too tall but please go and fight for some kind of right not be picking on pretty wemon, wether helthy or not"

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