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The new bailout bill has a mental health parity? Thought this was about the fiduciary stability of the country?

Consumer confidence is up, Wall Street rallies, Asian markets are recovering, HK grew, EU is handling its own, India is predicting it will not be affected, the "real" price of oil is resetting, the American public is more willing to see a loss on their quarterly statements than to take on an additional $700B (read trillion ++) dollars in debt. When you consider the term and language of the current plan it really invites that trillion to become at least 2 trillion. $605B in short-term loans has been made available to financial institutions through the Fed and central banking systems. Perhaps a slight reduction in interest rate can be offered to the most credit worthy, this should help offset the effect of LIBOR. How about a immediate small business credit guarantor program? It was really shoddy to release the $650B in secret, prior to the actual vote. Ireland was hit hard, but that was after a long period of unimaginable gains. Australia has its own mortgage scandal. Take a look at all the offshore banking institutions, some will be strong and others may not make it – too bad. Taxpayers don’t want to shore up institutions where the uber-wealthy go to NOT pay taxes and then be asked to pick up the CODB through loans AND bailouts. End the hysterics and regulate the market action. It is cyclical economics and we need to be in a regulatory cycle. Let investors bargain hunt – its better than risking the credit rating of this country any further. You got offshore drilling rights, the country is open to nuclear as well as alternatives. Energy and infrastructure are key to this country’s future and that’s going to be expensive and profitable. Big Oil has the dough to foot the bill. Olmert is ready to deal, Iran has a workable solution. Vladimir isn’t SO mad and General P is in place. All thats needed is a multi-trillion dollar international security deal and you will be golden.


Oh yeah, the the TED spread, an indicator of credit risk, fell to 3.15% from a 26-year high of 3.58% Monday, indicating a slight easing of the market. The TED spread is the difference between what banks charge each other to borrow for three months and what the Treasury pays.

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    The proposed senate bailout bill, instead of simply addressing the credit liquidity crisis, attaches pork and all kinds of unpopular measures. Particularly infuriating, at a time when health insurance is unaffordable for many, is that this bill will increase that burden markedly by adding MENTAL HEALTH PARITY. That alone will make the real health care we need for our bodies completely unaffordable. Instead of making health care more affordable for all, the Senate throws another bone to big Pharma who is already making a killing (figuratively and actually) with antidepressants - - even though these same drugs clearly increase the suicide AND homicide rate and recent studies have shown them to no more helpful than placebos. What a way to break the back of this country! Follow the money folks. OUTRAGEOUS!!

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    Mental Health Parity has been a long-time issue in Congress and has had ardent supporters in Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM) for years. The new version of this bill was set to pass this year anyway and was added into the bailout (as were many other provisions) to push along the process. This is often done to pass a bill, such as the bailout, so that supporters of other issues (like mental health parity) will be sure to vote yes. This is sneaky, of course, but lawmakers use the tactic to get large issues, such as the bailout, through quickly, as well as other bills that were up for vote.

    To speak to the other user's answer above, it drives me crazy that people constantly link mental health to only one thing: pharmaceutical companies and the use of anti-depressants (OK- that's 2 related things). Mental health parity would allow qualified health professionals to provide their patients with prevention and treatment of mental illness in the same way that medical care is covered. This means being able to provide patients with mental health screenings so that problems can be detected early, and catching mental illness early like any health condition actually drives DOWN health insurance costs; it means being able to refer a patient to counseling or other care without always prescribing medication; and yes, it allows patients to be able to better afford anti-depressants and other meds if that's what they and their medical provider decide is the best course of treatment. Mental illness has too long had a stigma attached to it and those who suffer deserve to receive the care that will help them to remain contributing members of society. And you're right- too many people do not have access to health care in general, but what this would provide for is making sure when they do have coverage, that mental health is included in the process.

    Source(s): US Dept of Health and Human Services: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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    a technique or the different I neglected the creation of great melancholy 2.0. final October, the economic gadget began dropping jobs at a value of 750+ok according to quarter, and the GDP became into shrinking at a value of 6.4% according to 12 months. interior the 2d quarter,submit bail-out, 25% of ways into the stimulus, the economic gadget has slowed its retraction to a value of a million%. The housing disaster and the liquidity disaster very nearly pushed us off an economic cliff the place yet another great melancholy became into looming, and it wasn't sparkling that it must be prevented. It became into prevented by Bernarke and the Obama administration for the main area. the unique bailout, in spite of the shown fact that, became into orchestrated by using the Bush administration, so as that they get something of the credit. circulate away it to Bush to finally do some thing substantial precise whilst there became into no political income in it for him.

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