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Import contacts from CSV excel file into Microsoft office outlook?

I have a list of contacts in Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File (excel CSV file). Inside the list, the contacts number are in these format ( have a + infront the number. For country code).

+61.............( Australia)





When i import these contacts from the excel CSV file into microsoft office outlook, all the contacts number do not have the + when i open the contacts from the office outlook.

How can i solve the problems?

Thank you.


Thank you. I have solve the problem. Go to the top bar and look for Actions, than Call contacts, new call, dailing option, dailing properties.Than set the code. Also tick the box for automatically add country code to local phone numbers.

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    The plus sign is probably one of the punctuation characters that are not allowed to start a field in a csv file. You might try using (+) instead.

    I am wondering why you need the plus sign in Outlook? If you just need the 2 digit number added to a phone number then you should merge these two columns into one column then resave the file as csv.

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