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Human Foods That Are Poisonous For Dogs?

I'm doing a project on human foods that are poisonous for dogs to eat and I have quite a few- alcohol, chocolate, tea, coffee, soda, raw fish, raw liver, onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, tabacco... And more. Much, much, more. But I needs details- why? Why are these foods poisonous? I've been doing some research and I've found lots of things. But I decided it would also help to ask here on Yahoo Answers... I need it done by Thursday- it's Tuesday night and I've been really busy! If you'd like, please add some more foods if you know them. Thanks!


Also- I agree with all of you, and just to tell you Apples, I thought the same until I looked up onions. It turns out when dogs eat them they get this thing called "Hemolytic Anemia," a sickness that abolishes red blood cells. Now I feel kind of sick just thinking about it... I feel so bad about dogs who have eaten human foods that are poisonous for them! :(

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    Go to and click on the poison control page. Look at the section titled 'A poison free home' . It will give you the reasons why these things are toxic to dogs. Good luck.

    apples21 - you might check this page out also. There are a lot of foods besides chocolate that are toxic to pets.

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  • Some are, the only one that could really hurt a dog is chocolate. Their digestive system can not handle all of that fat and sugar. The other foods you have listed I don't think they can't really hurt a dog that much ,but that depends on the dog though. I hope this helps!

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    raw meat is not bad for dogs. Nor is raw liver. Liver can cause runny stools if you don't feed it in small portions.

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    grapes and chocolate i know for sure are bad for dogs.

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