A labor union is attempting to organize the nurses at your hospital; do you support this why or why not? ?

Is it a good or bad thing???

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    A Union can be good, but generally it works best for entry level jobs to get them fair pay, job transfers or advancement and be treated as equals. However when it comes to Nurses it wouldn't be the best thing, first off you need to understand you will cap your salaries, and the only time you will be able to get increases will be based on hours and time put into the job, everyone that gets an evaluation will receive the same increase regardless if your a better performing than the not so great workers, you will only be able to negotiate salaries at the time of contract renewals which is typically 3 years, it makes it harder for employers to get rid of problem employees, so if you think a few should be gone now, just imagine how many more will have job security with the union. Right now your employer has the ability to do job market analysis, and if they see you're behind they can make market adjustments, employees that perform well can get higher increases at evaluation time, these things will not be able to happen w/a Union. Not to mention you will pay Union Dues, long story short if your a good worker, come to work on time, come as scheduled you won't even know you're in the Union expect you pay them for pretty much nothing. The people that benefit most from Unions are problem employees and entry level jobs. As an educated professional with a license in a high demand job, with your employer already with policy and procedures in place this would be a complete waste of your time. Unless you have an unruly employer who abuses the employees then the Union wouldn't be necessary, it would only cause more problems in the long run. I work for a large healthcare system with 4 hospitals under us, one hospital has a Union it's for entry level people it works ok for them in some cases for others they pay a significant amount of dues and never get anything from the Union, the Nurses at this hospital have seen how the Union is and they have never been for it, and as an HR Manager I'm glad they haven't because there would be many more problems than what exists w/o one. Unless you want to work in such a organized fashion you seem ruled by a dictatorship with a Union I would advise against getting one for your profession.

    Healthcare Manager - Oversees 3 non-union hospitals, 1 hospital w/Union Employees at entry level and some skilled jobs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes. If unions have intelligent, fair leaders who understand the big picture, they are great. Some unions in the past became greedy and corrupt and went too far. Management everywhere declared a silent war to destroy them by turning the general public against unions. I have a brother in law who was with the UAW and I have heard the stories first hand. Like the Teamsters and the mob connection etc. The corrupt pension funds and the outrageous demands that hurt auto buyers. Play fair. Do the right thing. Because what goes around will come around. Gouge and it will become known and you become the villian.

    It has the potential to be great. Dumb, corrupt leadership must be avoided at all costs.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Absolutely! Collective bargaining the best thing for workers.

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